Our Industry partners have worked to define exactly what attributes, skills and experiences are required of their future workforce. The Studio offers a curriculum and ethos where students can develop the required additional skills to fill these requirements.

We have established three pathways – CodingCreative and Entrepreneurship. The pathways reflect the three skills areas in the sector.

Students work in project teams to ensure that they have a broad based of knowledge and experiences.

Students at The Studio are not limiting their options by choosing a specialist pathway. Students will complete traditional GCSE, A-Level and BTEC qualifications. We simply add more and more skills and experiences that will secure their future career.

Creative and Digital skills and experiences gained at The Studio will be a passport into careers in many different industries including marketing, education and science. Plus, the core skills and culture inherent to this sector will ensure that students have strong communication, management, entrepreneurial, scientific, analytical, numerical and problem solving skills, all highly sought by employers and incredibly transferable.