Degree Apprenticeships

The Studio School and the Cambridge Technical Level 3 in IT course has resulted in many studio students securing high level degree apprenticeship positions across a wide range of companies.  The following is a list of companies that our students now work for after studying our technical pathway:

A degree apprenticeship enables you to gain a full undergraduate or master’s degree while you work. Degree apprenticeships take three to six years to complete, depending on the course level but they are usually four years in length.

You’ll spend most of your time working and you’ll also study part-time at university. For example, you might go to university one or two days per week, or in short blocks, such as a week at a time. Overall, you spend about 20% of your time studying vs. 80% of your time working.

Whilst working your employer will pay you a salary ranging from £20,000pa to £30,000pa and your employer will also finance your degree.  Typical degree costs today for a four-year course of study at £9,000pa per academic years, with a final total around the £36,000.  Given the salary and university costs, this exceeds £115,000 as a minimum.  Students who do not secure degree apprenticeships have to finance their university study themselves, this can be achieve via a series of student loans, that have to be paid back when the students earn’s a salary after their studies.

Case Study

“Student A successfully gained a degree apprenticeship with a world leading multinational consumer goods company (Company A) via the Studio school, whilst studying on the technical pathway.  Student A accepted a work/study agreement for four years.  During this time Student A was paid a monthly salary of just under £2,000 a month.  During the work month, Student A was also released to study data science at the University of York.  Company A financed student A’s education cost, which was £9,000 a year.  Student A continued to work and study and recently completed her course.  Student A received a first whilst studying BSc (Hons) Computer in Data Science.  Student A was then offered a new contact with Company A with a significant pay rise to recognised her recently acquired 1st in data science.  Student A, commented that not only did she have to not pay back a student loan but also secured a permanent job with a world leading organisation, whilst her fellow university graduates were still looking for jobs.”

Student A’s success story shows how degree apprenticeships can be a great option for those who want to earn a degree while working and avoid student loans. With a work/study agreement, Student A was able to gain valuable work experience at a multinational company while studying data science at the University of York. The company financed Student A’s education, and after completing the course with a first-class degree, Student A was offered a permanent job with a significant pay rise. This highlights the benefits of degree apprenticeships, which offer a pathway to both education and employment without the burden of student debt.