Two schools; one building

As we are co-located with Liverpool Life Sciences UTC,  we have a combined core team of experienced teaching staff to ensure that our students get the best results in all the traditional curriculum subjects, as well as a variety of key skills and expertise in the digital and creative sectors. Working with staff with Life Sciences UTC specialisms means students can also enjoy engineering, science, social sciences and more. We are continuously adding to our team of teaching and support staff at the UTC and Studio.

Senior Team

  • Jill Davies (Principal)
  • Rupert Evans– (Deputy Principal, KS4)
  • Lyndsay MacAulay (Director of Engagement)
  • Fiona Markey (Assistant Principal)
  • Jonathan Moore– (Assistant Principal)
  • Katie Small (Assistant Principal)



  • Laila Courtney
  • Barry Jewell
  • James Phillips
  • Stef Mansfield
  • Phillip Rogers

ICT and Computing

  • Anthony Bearon
  • Amanda Cooper
  • Andrew Johnson

Business and Enterprise

  • Samantha Forrest

Support Team

  • Amanda Cawood (DSL)
  • Monica Tomlinson
  • Adam Hewitt
  • Clare McGaw
  • Donna Edwards
  • Lisa Dwyer (SENCo)
  • Debra Marsden
  • Ian Hesketh
  • Rocio Manzanera Lidon
  • Louise Kennett
  • Alison Brown
  • Schelley Armstrong Brown
  • Sean Clegg
  • Tracey Rennie
  • Michael Saint-Cricq (Careers Lead for CUC)



  • Kevin Dunn  – (Teaching Leader)
  • Evan Delaney
  • Victoria Gwyther
  • Mark Lightfoot
  • Nicholas Wild


  • Amy Connolly – (Teaching Leader)
  • Oliver Denholm
  • Jack Hadden
  • Astra Halliday
  • Lucy Henderson


  • Jonathan Moore (Assistant Principal)
  • Carly Brooke –(Teaching Leader)
  • John Dyer – (Teaching Leader Innovation)
  • Dan Howard – (Teaching Leader Physics)
  • Reece Armstrong
  • Gary Brzezinski
  • Beverley Chandler
  • Raymond Gordon
  • Tracy Houghton
  • Jodie Larkin
  • Michaela Mitchell
  • Molly Rose
  • Graham Schofield
  • Andrew Plevin
  • Sarah Jane Linkman – (Technician)