You can find the official evaluation evaluation of the school here

Progress 8: – 0.32
Attainment 8: 46.5
% of pupils achieving a strong pass (grade 5) or above in both English and Maths: 39%
% of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate: 4%
Details of pupil destinations (including the % of pupils staying in education, employment or training after KS4): 100%

Academic qualifications (including A Levels): -0.16
Applied general qualifications (broad vocational qualifications): -0.12
Academic qualifications (including A Levels): 30.77
Applied general qualifications (broad vocational qualifications): 25.91
English progress: 0.89
Maths Progress: 0.44
Retention: 0.96
Student destinations after 16 to 18 (2017 leavers): 74%
Progression into higher education or training (2016 leavers): 68%

2020 – GCSE Results

Once again, our young people have excelled in our specialist areas. Cara achieved a 9 in graphics and 9 in fine art and Hannah achieved an 8 in graphics and 8 in fine art. Alex achieved a 9 in maths and a 9 in computing.

The highlights include:

  • 64% students achieved a level 4 or above in English and maths GCSE, with
  • 42% students gaining a level 5 or above
  • 73% achieved a level 4 or above in maths GCSE
  • 73% achieved a level 4 or above in English GCSE
  • 66% achieved a level 4 or above in computing GCSE
  • 95% achieved a level 4 or above in fine art, graphics or photography GCSE


We have a too many standout students to mention them all, but a few include Allan, who achieved 9 in maths, 99 in combined science, 9 in computing, 9 in geography, 8 in English literature and B in further maths. April also achieved 9 in maths, 99 in combined science, 8 in computing and 8 in fine art.


  • 100% pass rate
  • 100% A* – B Art, Further Maths, History
  • 100% A* – A Psychology
  • 100% A* – C Bio, Computing, graphics, criminology

Our current published A Level results, prior to school appeals and mock result increases, are actually still very impressive. For example:

  • Winnie achieved A in Computing, A in Art, A in EPQ and D*D* in BTEC Programming
  • Harry achieved A* in Psychology, A in English Literature, A in Criminology and an A* for his EPQ
  • Xsara achieved A* in Art, A* in Graphics and a Distinction in BTEC Enterprise
  • Iz achieved A*A in Art and Graphics
  • Cai achieved A A* in Art and Graphics
  • Beth achieved A*A in Film and History
  • Caleb achieved A A in Art and Graphics
    2019 – KS4

    Students at the Studio recorded a glowing set of GCSE results in 2019; securing our spot as one of the top destinations for creative and digital courses in the country.

    We are one of the top places in Liverpool to study art; and this is reflected clearly in the 2019 GCSE results, with art and graphics scoring exceptionally high across the board – 90% level 4 and above in Art and 89% level 4 and above in Graphics.

    62.5% of English and Maths GCSE at the Studio School were above level 4 and there was also 100% pass rates at GCSE further maths – 60% of those scored A or A* and an 85% pass rate in Creative Media.

    Results included one student who registered 5 level 9s in English, Maths, Science and Computer Science including a D* and D, a student who registered 5 level 8s including Art and Graphics with a D* in Creative Media and a student with 4 level 8s including one each in Art and Graphics and a D* in Creative Media.

    Kaelynn Faulkner celebrated great results. ‘I’m happy – and proud. Maths is my favourite and I did really well – I got a 9. I’m going to study graphics & would like to go into animation. There’s a heavy focus on tech here and I have a real passion for it.’

    Frankie Barlow, who collected great results this year, says ‘I’ve got a B in my favourite subject, graphics.’ He’s staying at the Studio to study graphics, biology and psychology. ‘I came here because it felt different – a better learning environment.’

    Studio student George Howarth collected a great round of GCSE results, including an A/7 in his favourite subject, art. ‘I’m staying at the Studio to study graphics and fine art,’ he says. ‘I want to be a graphics artist when I leave here…’

  • KS5
  • We’ve had another year of excellent A level results at the Studio – our first under our new principal, Jill Davies.
  • Our average grade in vocational is a D (distinction) and arts and graphics results have been amazing. As a result of the strength of our results, we’re now running an Extended Diploma in games, VFX and animation.
  • As ever, our Studio students are going to a wide variety of exciting destinations. Degree apprenticeships have proved popular amongst our students this year, giving them the opportunity to work with a global business and earn while they learn.
  • Mia Campbell has secured a degree apprenticeship in data analytics with Unilever, home to brands including PG Tips, Hellmann’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Simple. She’ll spend the next three-and-a-half-years using data analytics to unlock insights to working data, market trends, brand and future technologies and interrogate data, systems and methodologies within areas including design, robotics, future technologies, and sustainability.
  • An anonymous student will be heading to GCHQ to take up a degree apprenticeship in software engineering and cyber security; Tom Humphries is also taking up a degree apprenticeship in software engineering at investment bank JP Morgan, following his A* in maths and D*D* (starred distinction) in software and programming.
  • Tyler Rotherham has spent the summer working at Sony, and following his (starred distinction) D*D*D*D, he will head to Abertay this autumn to study games production.
  • Sami Richards gained an A in computing alongside (starred distinction)  D*D* in scripting and programming; Ollie Bielby Smith secured an A* in graphics plus a starred distinction (D*D*) in digital publishing, and will now head to the University of Leeds. Both he and Alex Sinir have been at the Studio for the last four years, taking their GCSEs and A levels here. Alex gained a DD (distinction) in enterprise, alongside an A in his graphics A level, and an A in his EPQ (extended project qualification).