The Studio School is governed by the Northern School Trust – find out more about the Governance of Northern Schools Trust.

Address for Northern Schools Trust: C/O North Liverpool Academy, 120 Heyworth Street, Liverpool, L5 0SQ

Phone:  0151 261 4044

Declarations of interest and governor information is available here.

Full Governing Body Meetings 2019/20

  • Wednesday 2nd October 2019
  • Wednesday 20th November 2019
  • Wednesday 22nd January 2020
  • Wednesday 18th March 2020
  • Tuesday 28th April 2020
  • Wednesday 4th June 2020
  • Wednesday 8th July 2020

To contact the Governing Body on any matter, please do so by contacting the Clerk, Sarah Stephenson.

Address: Northern Schools Trust, 120 Heyworth Street, Liverpool, L5 0SQ
Email: to [email protected]
Telephone: 0151 260 4044