What should I wear?

Year 12 and 13 Students

One of the questions we hear most often is what does business dress mean? To us, we would expect that you come to school in something that you would be comfortable to have a formal meeting with a business executive – basically dress for an interview and you will be spot on. A few guidelines below:

  • A skirt, dress or trouser suit suitable for a professional environment
  • No jeans, skinny jeans or wet look leggings. Leggings only to be worn underneath a dress
  • Tops/blouses/ shirts and ties suitable for a professional environment; low necked tops, t-shirts, vest tops and crop tops are not suitable
  • Words and diagrams on clothing should not be offensive or possibly be seen as offensive
  • Jumpers or cardigans should be plain; no hooded sweatshirts apart from in the fitness suite or during enrichment activities
  • Smart flat shoes or boots; trainers, open shoes and flip flops are not suitable
  • Hair and makeup should be of a style suitable for a professional environment; if hair is coloured it should be within the natural colour range
  • Outer coats and scarves to be removed whilst in the building

Years 9, 10 and 11 Students

Students who are not wearing the correct uniform will be sent home from school until they are correctly dressed. 

  • Blazer – Black with yellow beading and Studio badge £37.95–£42.95
  • Jumper – Black knitted V neck jumper with yellow trim £13.95–£19.95
  • Tie – Black and yellow stripe £3.95

The following items are also available to purchase from us, or from other retail outlets: 

  • White Shirt – long or short sleeve £3.00–£6.00
  • Black Trousers (for girls and boys) £10.00-14.00, or can be purchased independently
  • Black Skirt – Single invert pleat £12.95–£16.95
  • Black Socks £3.00

School Shoes must be black with no coloured markings – no trainers, no high heels.

PE Kit – again available to purchase from us, or from other retail outlets:

  • Black PE Shorts £3.95-£6.95
  • Black Polo T-shirts – with Studio badge £4.95-£7.95
  • Black PE Socks £3.00
  • Black Trainers

 Students are welcome to wear long sleeved PE tops and tracksuit bottoms if they prefer.

The Studio Uniform is available to purchase from

Lisa School wear

72 Priory Rd, Liverpool L4 2RZ, Tel: 0151 264 0700

East Prescot Road, Liverpool, Tel: 0151 259 8277

Payment by cash/cheque made payable to Lisa School wear.

Support with purchasing uniform is available where required. Please talk to us confidentially through Paul Donaldson on 0151 230 1330.