The CUC 6 encompasses several key study areas which focus heavily on a broad range of technology.  Traditionally, The innovative Studio school has creative and digital learning at the very core of learning for students aged 14-19.  Key Stage 4 students learn a number of key subject areas which allows them to transition into CUC6 for Key Stage 5 studies with a sound grounding with skills such as computer programming, games animation and digital marketing.  However, for those joining us directly into CUC at Key stage 5 the CUC also ensures that students are rapidly bought up to speed regardless of previous education elsewhere.


The technology pathway, offers the following options for those seeking a career in a technological role:

OCR A-Level Computer Science
(UCAS Value: Single A-Level Award)

OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 Diploma in IT
(UCAS Value: Double A-Level Award)

AIM Qualifications Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma in Games & Animation
(UCAS Value: Double/Triple A-Level Award)

The CUC Technology pathway is able to offer hands-on development that is delivered by industry experienced teachers which affords students with first class training from teachers who have worked in the industries that students hope to work in one day themselves.  The CUC has computing facilities that allow for a wide range of development tools to be accessed and used professionally as they would be in any modern-day office.

The technology pathway affords students additional certification with  (Amazon Web Services) AWS Academy, Microsoft’s Azure platform and Cyber Security certification.  Our Alumni students now work for all of the following companies in a wide range of roles, ranging from Software Developers, Business Analysts, Cyber Security Professionals, Big Data Management and video game designers via degree apprenticeship programs.  Read more about degree apprenticeships here.

Degree Apprenticeships

A degree apprenticeship enables you to gain a full undergraduate or master’s degree while you work. Degree apprenticeships take three to six years to complete, depending on the course level but they are usually four years in length.

You’ll spend most of your time working and you’ll also study part-time at university. For example, you might go to university one or two days per week, or in short blocks, such as a week at a time. Overall, you spend about 20% of your time studying vs. 80% of your time working.

Whilst working your employer will pay you a salary ranging from £20,000pa to £30,000pa and your employer will also finance your degree.  Typical degree costs today for a four-year course of study at £9,000pa per academic years, with a final total around the £36,000.  Given the salary and university costs, this exceeds £115,000 as a minimum.

Students who do not secure degree apprenticeships have to finance their university study themselves, this can be achieve via a series of student loans, that have to be paid back when the students earn’s a salary after their studies.

The Studio school and the Cambridge Technical Level 3 in IT course has resulted in many studio students securing degree apprenticeship positions across a wide range of companies.  The following is a list of companies that our students now work for.