​This summer all applicants were invited into school to participate in a 3-week long programme of activities to help them embrace a range of experiences following lockdown, prepare to join us in September and build skills that would help them to make informed decisions about their futures. The aim was to help the students adjust to a different type of secondary school environment and explore the building with many having never set foot in the school with open evenings being cancelled.

The students took part in a wide range of exciting activities including; science experiments, creative writing courses, photography, craft & drama workshops​.

We invited third party companies in to run specialist activities such as​ ​upcycling, games theatre, games design, medicine and first aid courses. The new students had a fantastic time, made lots of new friends and got themselves ready for the start of the new school year.

The summer school was an invaluable experience to both give students the support they needed transitioning to the CUC Building and give them a really positive new experience to support their mental wellbeing.

Funding Breakdown – Received £2,304.00


  • Food £336.40
  • Resources £1,692.64
  • Staffing £274.96
  • TOTAL £2,304.00