Studio School becomes first school to join PlayStation® First

The Studio School has become the first school in the UK to join PlayStation®First, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’s (SIEE) global academic program.

PlayStation First is designed to inspire and encourage the new wave of developers to create games across all PlayStation platforms.

Through PlayStation First, The Studio School can access PlayStation development tools, guidance and support. This means that students get to use the same hardware that game studios around the world are using to create ground-breaking, innovative games on PlayStation.

It will allow students in the school to cut their teeth on console development, gaining practical experience creating games on PlayStation. That means students can develop their game ideas into real life concepts and gain skills that modern game studios are hungry for.

The Studio School educates young people for success in a digital world with a focus on employment, entrepreneurship, a new business venture or further studying in the digital sector.

Shaun McInerney, Principal at The Studio said “Becoming part of this program will enhance our students’ experience and give them fantastic practical skills cross game development. Students are now able to take their game idea right the way through to the end into a final product, giving them industry experience which isn’t offered elsewhere”.

“At PlayStation, we want to inspire the next generation of digital talent,” said Luke Savage, Senior Academic Development Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

“The games industry needs new talent. It needs new perspectives, individuals who can push the boundaries and bring us new, innovative experiences.”

“That’s why we’re excited to have The Studio School join PlayStation First.  Together, we’re giving students every opportunity to become part of the PlayStation family.”

Michelle Tilley, Senior Release Manager in Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’s Liverpool office, said:

“It’s important to support new talent locally and PlayStation has always had great, historic links with Liverpool. We’re excited to see the unique and diverse ideas that will emerge from the Studio School and look forward to working in partnership with them to help shape the future of the industry”.