Student’s app makes it to Amazon Skills Store!

Year 10 student Ali has succeeded in getting his very own app published onto the Amazon Skills store!

Taking what he has learned at The Studio, Ali produced the app as part of a project during his computer science lessons. We sat down with Ali to find out more.

“What was your inspiration behind the app, what made you choose that particular type of app?”
I wanted to create an educational, quick and fun app for facts.

“Can all age groups use it? Is it simple to use?”
Yes, it’s straightforward and user friendly. Using a virtual assistant like Alexa, you simply say the name of the app and it produces a random fact for you.

“What was the most challenging part of building and publishing your own app?”
The two biggest challenges were figuring out the potential bugs of the app, and also trying to get my app to the top of the search with keywords!

“What was the most rewarding part of building/publishing your own app?”
When I published the app it was amazing to see it up there, available to anyone. When people started using it I got a real buzz.

“How does it feel to see your app up on Amazon?”
It definitely feels rewarding and now I feel motivated to make more apps

“Do you have plans to make any more apps? What are you hoping to do in the future?”
I do have an app coming soon where Fortnite players can hear what the weekly challenges are and also get a random city to land on.

“Final question…anything you’d like to add? In your own words tell us about the app and how you plan to develop it….”

I want to add more facts and even a section/feature where users can add facts themselves. I may look into monetizing the app by putting in app-purchasers (this will be where users can buy a bundle of facts based on a specific theme i.e. Italy facts.) I will also consider the idea of incorporating ads in to my apps as well.

As part of the ongoing project, Ali and his classmates will be looking into how to further develop their voice-based apps over the coming weeks. Well done Ali. Watch this space!