The Studio Day

A day at the Studio is longer than an average school day, more closely reflecting a working day in the creative and digital industries, which we are preparing our students for a career in. As a result, it builds in time for both enrichment activities and homework so that our students can enjoy quality time off. Students will be expected to be in from 9am to 4pm and over two academic years, students will gain a full term of extra study enabling them to maximise their grades.

Student Progress and Wellbeing

Each student has a personal coach who will set challenging targets, and encourages and monitors progress. They work to ensure that students receive all the support they need to address and remove any obstacles to learning so that our students can flourish as confident learners.
Personal coaches play a central role in students’ personal and academic development. There is a particular focus on ensuring that new students gain the necessary literacy, self-confidence and social skills to settle quickly.


Year 10 and 11 students wear the new Studio School uniform from day one, closely associating all with the Studio’s distinct identity. The students wear the Studio black blazer, a house tie, white shirts and black skirts or trousers. Sixth formers are required to wear black and white business dress. Financial support is available where required.


All of our food is nutritious, freshly prepared where possible and carefully selected to promote a healthy lifestyle.

There is a continuous service of food because of the need to break for lunch when the team is ready to do so, like in the work place. The students, staff and visitors all eat together and the refectory is used as a place of discussion about work and can be used as a study area.

To ensure the best possible safeguarding arrangements, no students are allowed out at break or lunch times.

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