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Summer 11

It seems appropriate as the end of term approaches that we are thinking about the future. Students are enjoying so many opportunities to get their important UCAS applications on track, either writing drafts or adding in new experiences to talk about in their statements. Our younger students are also thinking ahead and trying out lots of new experiences which will help to shape their ideas and motivate them for exam seasons in the future. We are so proud of them for grasping these opportunities. Every day is an interview after all.

Summer 10

Although the building is feeling very quiet now our Year 11 and Year 13 students have finished their exams, we are keeping busy with lots of visits and experiences to enhance our students’ future applications to university and apprenticeships.

Summer 9

This week, we have celebrated Thank a Teacher Day. We started the day with a special breakfast for staff. Each teacher received a handwritten personal note along with a scratch card to win an Amazon voucher, all beautifully packaged with a cupcake. We also ensured that students had the opportunity to express their gratitude by giving them cards to write messages for their teachers, which they placed on their desks. This personal touch not only brightened our teachers’ day but also reinforced the strong bonds within our school community.

Summer 8

An emotional week saying a formal goodbye to our Year 11 students as they approach the end of their GCSE exams. There was not a dry eye in the house during our leavers assembly. We wish them a wonderful summer, and look forward to seeing many of them back for Sixth Form in September.

It has also been a week of joy and laughter as we enjoyed a traditional school sports day with our Ignite students. We loved a chance to have lunch and ice cream in the sunshine.

Summer 7

We are delighted to announce that The Studio remains a Good School. Our recent Ofsted inspection confirmed that our students are exceptionally well-prepared for careers in digital media, technology, and creative industries, feeling encouraged to be independent and authentic. Inspectors praised our professional atmosphere, high expectations, and curriculum enriched with employer and higher education engagement, leading to strong future outcomes. Positive relationships and good behaviour are evident, with students attentive and eager to succeed. They highlighted the quality of our employer-led projects, like installing trauma kits in knife crime hotspots, enhancing learning. Although some assessment methods need improvement and attendance is uneven, new strategies are in place to address these issues. You can read the full report on our website. We are now looking forward to the Life Sciences UTC inspection next year.

Summer 6

Another incredibly busy week, luckily we now have a well-earned break to recover from all the incredible opportunities that have taken place this week and this half term. Massive congratulations go to Jasmine and Privanshi who have been selected to attend GISS 2025, what a life changing experience! We have hosted our annual Arabic week packed with wonderful cultural learning for students to enjoy. We have also had a range of industry and university engagements to enhance our students’ skills and CVs.

Summer 5

So much news to share it has been hard to fit it all in. Needless to say, despite half the school being focused on exams we are still very much enjoying the life changing experiences that make this the CUC – much more than just a school. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to.

Summer 4

The exam season is now fully underway. Well done to students for a brilliant start to these important exams. It is important to keep working hard, put each exam behind you and move on to the next one.

There have been fantastic things happening both in and out of the building. We took our first trip to ComicCon which was an amazing opportunity to meet with so many like minded local young people. We have also hosted our first MeDeVet taster session, there will definitely be more to come.

Please remember to bring a reusable water bottle with you on these sunny days as the building will quickly warm up.

Summer 3

Tensions might be rising as exam season kicks off in full next week, but students are working hard and we are looking forward to an extra day at home this weekend to rest up ahead of the first written exams.

We are really excited for this year’s Year 12 The Studio School Annual Art Exhibition inspired by the theme, The Past. It launches on Friday 10th May at The Art Bar, Baltic. Make sure you pop by to check out the incredible painting, drawing, digital illustration and photography.

We wish you all a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Summer 2

Well… what a week it has been! We welcomed Ofsted into our building on Tuesday and Wednesday to inspect The Studio – what a privilege it was to share with the inspectors the amazing experiences our students have every day. It reinforced how immensely proud I am to be the Principal of the Studio and Liverpool Life Sciences UTC – to work with wonderful colleagues, amazing students and supportive families makes my job and absolute pleasure.

We also have had our Cultural Week this week – did you know that in this building 36 different languages are spoken by our families? This week allowed us to celebrate the culturally rich and diverse community we have created and learn about each others cultures and faiths.

Summer 1

Welcome back to the Summer Term, the year is really gathering pace. We are now at that critical point when students are – and need to be – extremely focused on the summer exam season which is a matter of weeks away. For students in years 9, 10 and 12 we are continuing to promote a range of incredible experiences that will help them to become more rounded citizens. We were very proud of our Ignite students and how they responded to the serious and challenging content in the Police and Crime workshop. We are also exceptionally proud of our health students whose empathy, ideas and design skills will go on to make the world a better and healthier place to live.

Spring 11

Each half term, I look back in awe at just how much we have managed to cram in. It is no wonder we are all ready for a well earned rest. I appreciate this will feel like a busy time for our year 11 and 13s who are working hard towards their summer exams in May and June, and perhaps not the holiday they would hope for but putting in the time now will definitely pay off. Keep up the good work and we will see you back for the summer term in April!

Spring 10

This week, we have been reflecting on the impact of our employer engagement programmes. Our Students Leaders shared their experiences during a monitoring visit from the Baker Dearing Trust who were staggered by the range and quality of the experiences our students receive during their time here; such as the Unilever Inspire Programme and the visit from Dr Tim Gabriel. Our team work very hard to bring the very best of the university and private sector into the building and it absolutely shows when our young people secure offers to study competitive degrees like medicine from leading universities like the University of Sheffield.

Spring 9

A week of incredible industry experiences, including the opportunity to consider how businesses like Ford will evolve and secure jobs for the city region during a full project day. We also shared our Year 12 project work the with team at Alfred H Knight which has resulted in students being offered work experience placements. Well done year 12 for your impressive performances. We also loved inspiring the next generation of students with a visit from Much Woolton Primary.

Spring 8

Thank you to all those parents who attended our ‘Support with exams’ online meeting this week. Speaking from personal experience I know how difficult it can be getting your child through the stresses and challenges of their exams. Knowing, as parents, that you are not on your own is incredibly reassuring.

As always it has been a bumper week of opportunities for our young people. We are very busy planning our first ever cultural week starting on 25th March. We are so fortunate to have a student population with such vast cultural and geographical links.

We are mindful that when we return on Monday, Ramadan will have started. We have plans in place to support our students who may be fasting and really enjoy sharing with them the joy they have during this time.

Spring 7

It was my absolute pleasure to host a Principal’s Lunch this week with 14 students who have worked so hard to improve their reading. I am so proud of the massive progress reflected in their data as well as their confidence and love of reading. Well done!!

Spring 6

What a brilliant first week back! Year 11 and 13 are at the end of their full week of PPEs – they should be really proud of themselves. All of year 11 have been selecting after school study sessions which start from Monday –they will run from 4-6 (3-5 on a Wednesday) Monday – Thursday and buses are also running to the stations. Students are encouraged to attend at least two sessions from now until the exams begin – 2 sessions per week will mean approximately 40 hours of additional revision time! You will be informed of the evenings your child is staying and also their attendance. If you have any questions please contact student services.

Spring 5

It may have been the last week of the half term, but there was certainly no slowing down here. We have packed in so much, Children’s Mental Health Week, National Apprenticeship Week, a Sixth Form Taster Day, and more still. We hope you have a wonderful week to recover. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you when we return on Monday 19th February.

Bushcraft Letter

National Apprenticeship Week Resources

Spring 4

On Tuesday, our Year 11 students will take part in their first ever Sixth Form Taster Day. The students have chosen options for the day and will experience a day though the lens of a Sixth Form student. Following on from the taster day, on Wednesday and Thursday morning we welcome Liz Folen to work with year 11. Liz is an expert in the field of positive psychology, mindfulness and wellbeing and will provide our students with the skills and strategies to navigate the coming weeks and months.

Spring 3

As I mentioned in last weeks newsletter plans are coming together for your child’s support plan leading up to the Summer exams. As well as supporting the students we will be running surgeries for parents on zoom to help support you in the coming weeks and months.

Year 11 and 13 PPEs start straight after half term i.e. Monday 19th February with English being the very first paper. This will be the exact situation for the summer exams and therefore feel it is important to model any challenging situations prior to those exams.

If you have any amazing hints or tips for supporting young people through these coming months please email student services – we would love to hear them!

Spring 2

Attention parents!

As we start the new year our year 11 and year 13 students have returned with a real focus on getting ready for their exams in May and June. To support them with this we are developing a number of support systems which I will share with you over the next few weeks. This will include additional sessions for subjects within the school day, opportunities to stay after school as well as sessions to run over the school breaks.

We will also host online workshops for parents to support your child during this challenging time.

Spring 1

Happy New Year. We are so excited for 2024 and the many opportunities ahead of us. We have kicked off the year with some fabulous experiences and have lots planned for the rest of the term. Do follow us on social media to stay up-to-date.

Autumn 15

We have reached the end of 2023, and despite the dark nights, the building has been a-glow with opportunity and excitement. Students have shown exceptional commitment this term to their academic studies, building skills and supporting their school community. We are so proud of them. All that is left for me to say is that I wish you a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating your festivals be that Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Zarathosht Diso, or Milad un Nabi. Stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in January 2024.

Autumn 14

We have been deeply engrossed in learning specialist skills that reflect the sectors of industry we are based upon this week. Students have been doing exceptional things in PBL, often only seen in university laboratories. They have also been learning key enterprise skills, thinking creatively and communicating their ideas. Alongside this, they have been caring for their community and are still working hard to achieve their fundraising goal. We are so proud of you!

Autumn 13

Although the end of term is fast approaching, it is still a very busy time of year. Well done to students who finished mock exams this week. Students are also working hard to raise funds for our Christmas Appeal. We are so grateful for your support in raising funds to help those in need in our school community. We hosted a wonderful 6th Form Pathways evening last week to welcome potential students to the building to show them what we are all about. Thank you to all the students and staff who supported us in welcoming our future students.

Autumn 12

A very busy week with exams for our year 11 and 13s. Well done for working hard in preparation. Mock exams are an invaluable opportunity to test understanding and receive feedback from staff on how to improve before the summer exam series. Our other year groups have been exceptionally busy too, participating in project days which help them to understand our specialisms and build valuable future skills which support them to achieve a job, university place or apprenticeship. We have also enjoyed visits from students at our sponsor university and the amazing team at Grads in Games.

Autumn 11

Lots of experiences to enjoy this week, with visits to employer partners to learn about sustainability and the chance to immerse ourselves in Peruvian culture with a visit from the Bruning School. We have also enjoyed a visit to the National Apprenticeship Show to learn more about apprenticeships and think about them as potential future next steps.

Autumn 10

November is flying by and it feels like the Christmas break will be with us in no time. There is lots still to do and many incredible experiences to explore. We have enjoyed sharing our passion for science this week with primary school students from Windsor Primary. We have also loved the opportunity to link computing and biology thanks to our University Sponsor, University of Liverpool. Working directly with a university sponsor ensures our students have the best information when applying for university, plus the opportunity to secure a University of Liverpool bursary to support their studies. We are so grateful to be in this privileged position.

Autumn 9

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed a restful half term break. The second Autumn half term is always very busy and it is important that students use their time wisely with mock exams around the corner.

We were devastated by footage of the Ukrainian Peace Garden being destroyed on Guy Fawkes night, which was created through support by more than 100 members of our community and our local businesses. If you would like to support the community clean up, there is a session on Saturday 11 November at 12pm to help to repair the damage caused, please do pop along to the gardens if you would like to get involved.

Autumn 8

We have reached the end of a very busy half term and are so pleased at how well everyone has settled in. There have been a range of amazing opportunities to work with partners and the local community which I hope have quickly made it very clear that joining us has been a good decision. We hope you have a lovely break this week and look forward to seeing you on Monday 6th November for another brilliant half term of experiences.

Autumn 7

This week, Year 10 students were inspired by our business partners who worked through the Covid-19 pandemic to race against the clock to come up with solutions to save humanity from an outbreak of Airborne Ebola. Students built teamwork and leadership skills as well as testing their creativity and communication. This was a fantastic opportunity and we are so proud of students for completing their first drop down day.

Autumn 6

Another exceptionally busy week. We welcomed over 600 people to the CUC building for our Open Evening. We have been part of the education landscape now for ten years and it is always a joy to share the opportunities with new families. Well done to students for being incredible ambassadors for the UTC and Studio, and to Grace Pinkerto and Mishelle Gino Charlton from Creative Pathway who were brilliant event photographers. They were so professional – every day is an interview after all.

Autumn 5

This week we celebrated our Tenth Anniversary. It was a fantastic opportunity to get together with former students, staff and our business partners to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the last ten years. We loved catching up with alumni students who had travelled across the country to be with us and hear about what they are doing now. They are doing inspiring things and reminded us just how many doors are open to our young people when they finish with us. Our current students had the opportunity to share their project work with our attendees and gave professional explanations of their work.

Autumn 4

Our thoughts and prayers today are with the young people and families involved in the school bus crash on the M53. It reminds me how life can change in an instant and how very lucky we are. Please do give your children an extra tight squeeze this evening.

We have had lots to celebrate again in school this week. Massive congratulations go to Selma who was announced as the Best Researcher of the Year by the Institute for Research in Schools. Our PBL programmes really do help our young people to stand out. Make sure you check in with your young person about what they are currently doing in PBL. It is an opportunity to build key employability skills and secure an incredible destination at the end of their time with us.

Autumn 3

It has been a wet and windy week but there have still been so many smiling faces arriving each morning. It is really important that students have a warm coat as it often is baltic in the Baltic Triangle. If your coat is wet, let us know and we can put it in the drying room for you. If you are still missing any pieces of uniform, pop into the Uniform Hub or speak to Andy Mackenzie.

Our next in person Open Evening is on the 12th October – if you have family or friends who are keen to join us, make sure you sign up online to come along.

Autumn 2

This week, we have welcomed our new Year 12 students to the CUC Building. They have hit the ground running with a full programme of lessons and experiences. Check out just a few of the highlights here and follow us on social media for all the latest updates. We finish the week with hundreds of happy students, new friendships and relieved parents across the whole of Merseyside.

Autumn 1

It has been fantastic to welcome so many new students to the building this week. We had an incredible number of applications for September and will soon be bursting at the seams. Our new Ignite and Year 10 students are settling in well and starting to get to grips with the building and our expectations. We cannot wait to meet our new Year 12 students when they join us on Monday.

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