Summer Newsletter, Week 5

Firstly, can I start by saying Eid Mubarak to all our families celebrating the end of Ramadan this week. We wish peace and joy to you and your families.

Smiles will be back on show from Monday as the restrictions continue to relax. We are very much looking forward to seeing you properly. There are more details below and you can watch a quick video from me explaining the details on our social channels.

Highlights this week:

Year 9, Ignite In health, we learned about major trauma and working in emergency medicine. Students were brilliant first on the scene responders to SimMan who has been involved in a serious car accident. Sim Man received great care and is now recovering well. In maths, we have worked on Pythagoras Theorem. Historians have studied Operation Barbarossa, June 1944, and examined the various reasons as to why the Nazi assault on the Soviet Union failed, despite significant gains. The students planned out their essay and wrote it, with a significant focus on improving their literacy skills. Social scientists had a practice assessment on the psychological problems topic. They went on to do the ‘best possible selves’ exercise as research highlights the positive impact this has on their wellbeing and helps them to consider their future hopes, goals and dreams. Star of the week, this week was Nova, nominated by Dr Dyer for outstanding artistic visualisation of the rat dissection. Well done!

Year 10 – In health, Year 10 have been researching cardiac pathologies. This week, they focussed on learning about the heart attack (aka Myocardial Infarction). Students have been working on a self-led learning programme and designed patient information leaflets for acute coronary syndrome. Engineers are continuing with the final assessments for their examined units. Historians have begun learning about Elizabeth I and the turbulent start she had in life.

Important reminder – Please bring a calculator on Thursday for your maths assessment. Phones are not allowed in the assessment.

We have signed up to put a team into a Y10 robotics/ programming competition at NLA. The VEX IQ software has been installed and students will start to practice in order to determine who will be selected to represent us in the competition. The software is free to download and comes with an emulator so keen students can practice at home. (

Year 11 – Engineers are putting the final touches to their speaker docking stations. Historians have been sitting their Health and the People Assessment. Psychologists are revising research methods. Maths have been working on averages from tables.

Year 12 – Applied Scientists have been preparing for their Scientific investigation mocks by practicing experiment planning in physics in theory and in practice by constructing their own circuits. Chemists have been learning how to quantify the effect of the concentration of a reactant on the rate of reaction. In maths, we have been looking at exponentials and logarithms. Historians have been looking at Anti-Semitism in early Germany and completed some focused work on understanding mark schemes. Physicists are working on practical skills, around simple harmonic motion and oscillations of waves. Engineers are completing their assessments and working on technical drawing of their control pendants. The image above is from Melody and is his full assembly exploded view. In health, Y12 have been looking at different types of dressings and methods of using bandages for different injuries/mechanisms. We also looked at how to use the Kendrick Traction Splint. Psychologists have learned about cultural variations in attachment and looked specifically at the Romanian Orphan Studies. They move to their final paper 1 topic next week: Social Influence. Games designers attended a remote careers panel with Sony. They got to meet lots of people in different roles, talking about how they got into the industry and their day-to-day life in the role. Programmers are becoming increasingly familiar with storing their development projects in the cloud. Giving students experience of DevOps is quite simply an experience that they would not get at any other school/college. Industry development teams use online storage capabilities for coding projects, this ensures that development teams are able to manage such projects securely and allows for increased collaboration. You can read more about Azure DevOps at the following web address: They are also working on their Mobile development project and are learning how to use Visual Studio with C#/Xamarin to build a professional mobile app.

Year 13 – Enterprise students are doing a great job selling Divine chocolate. Chemists have been completing practical work to investigate pH changes when a strong base is added to a weak acid. Physicists are preparing for their assessment on Fields and radioactivity. Historians have completed their assessment on The Wars of Independence. Psychologists focused on research methods and attachment. Students are working hard and are starting to get excited at the prospect of university.

Notes for this week:

  • Update on Covid-19 Restrictions:

    We are keen to avoid unnecessary changes for students as we approach the year end. Students are working well and feeling safe, so we intend to maintain the structures that have been in place since March, including staggered starts, finishes and Year Hubs. In line with the updated guidance, you can now choose whether or not to wear a mask in school. Our staff will continue to wear masks in communal spaces. We will continue to provide masks and hand sanitiser for students to use in the building and will promote frequent hand washing and good hygiene. We will continue to review this as things change locally and nationally and keep you updated.

    Notes for this week:

    • All year 9, 10 and 11 students have participated in a training workshop to become Mental Health Champions. This was a fantastic series of sessions and students were able to learn a lot and reflect on their own experiences.
    • Year 12 students had an amazing workshop on Monday. Students heard from LJMU about the benefits of Higher Education before hearing from Bauer Media staff about their career experiences and journeys. Students had the chance to work with Bauer Media staff (from brands like Radio City, Kiss, Kerrang) to create a short storyboard. Lauren’s storyboard was selected to be turned into a full animation, which will soon be shown on various Bauer Media channels. Well done Lauren!
    • Please see the attached letter about e-scooters from Liverpool City Council
    • Life Sciences UTC Business Partner, Croda, have opportunities for Year 13 leavers looking for an opportunity to study for a chemistry degree at University of Nottingham whilst working. Croda is a leading Speciality Chemical Manufacturer that creates, makes and sells speciality ingredients for a wide range of markets including; health and beauty, agriculture and farming, engine lubricants, vaccine adjuvants and many more.
    • We are preparing a celebration of Arabic culture for Ignite students next week with sessions in History, Geography, Spanish, Art and Maths. There will be a traditional Arabic Lunch on Tuesday and we will decorate the refectory with an Arabic theme.

Junior Leadership Team:

The JLT are working hard on the yearbook and planning Leavers Hoodies for the year 11s and 13s. If you would like to nominate a friend for an award in the yearbook, use the link on the yearbook classroom. We hope these light-hearted awards will bring back happy memories in years to come. Thank you to Serena for coordinating this. Please send any friendship group photos you would like us to include in the design to [email protected] Deputy Head girl, Taylor, has been helping to design the Leavers Hoodies. Students in year 11 and 13 will be getting a letter about ordering these shortly. There will be sample sizes available in school for you to look at.

Combined Cadet Force - Join us:

Congratulations go to Cadet Lance Corporal Ruby Brooks on promotion to Cadet Corporal and to the Contingent Commander Gareth Morgan–Richardson from 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant.

Thank you to all cadets who have handed in paper work for our summer camp, 7th -9th July. Places will be confirmed in due course.

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