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Summer, Week 6

A very busy week at the end of what feels like a very busy half term. Exams are in full flow and students are responding brilliantly to the continued pressure. We hope you are able to rest a little over half term in time for the final push towards the finish. We have had some wonderful news to celebrate. Massive congratulations to Harvey and Selma who won in their categories for the the Business of Science Conference. Congratulations also go to Connie, Ava and Laila who were highly commended. Well done to students and their supporting staff for making this happen.

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May Half Term Eat to Meet

Summer, Week 5

Despite it being the first week of the official summer exam season, we have packed a lot in. Well done to students who have completed their first exams. Keep up the amazing focus. We have also had a visit from Anna McMurtrie, Access and Outreach Coordinator from Oxford University to hear about applying to elite universities and a visit to St Peters College.

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Summer, Week 4

This week we have been inspired by Arabic culture. Students have had many opportunities to learn more about Arabic culture and celebrate the diversity within our community. It has been both wonderful to learn and to share our experiences. Students have enjoyed a visit from an Arabic artist, participated in an Arabic art competition, visited an Arabian tent and shared an Arabic tasting menu. Students also had the change to learn about Arabic contributions to the field of science, maths, art, languages, astronomy, horticulture and medicine. Thank you to our student ambassadors for sharing their culture and to staff for making this possible.

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Summer, Week 3

This week has flown by, and yet we seem to have packed it full of amazing experiences. Students have participated in cyber security competitions, attended biotech research careers events, had masterclasses with engineering industry leader Rod Wah and so much more. This is just one of the reasons we believe Every Day is an Interview – you never know who you will meet in the CUC Building.

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Summer, Week 2

We have a series of short weeks coming up as we quickly approach exam season. Attendance is so important during these last few weeks before exams and can make a real difference to the grades young people secure in their summer exams. If you need any support to improve your child’s attendance, please do reach out.

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Summer, Week 1

Welcome back to another term in the CUC Building. I hope you have had a wonderful break and are rested and ready for the summer term. We have a few very busy weeks ahead so please do keep an eye on the website and social media for all the details. Next week there is planned strike action on Thursday 27th April. We are prioritising our Year 11 and 13 students to attend on strike days with their exams fast approaching.

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Spring, Week 11

We have reached the end of another exciting term in the CUC building. This week has offered students an incredible range of experiences and opportunities, including visits to the University of Liverpool and to Surface Transforms. It has also been a week where we have celebrated the mind-blowing projects our students create with their families, friends and business partners. Have a wonderful, relaxing and safe break.

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Spring, Week 10

Lots to share this week. Years 10 and 12 have been busy completing PPEs. A number of Year 11 have been completing their Creative Media controlled assessments. We have had some incredible visits including a trip to Auschwitz and a trip to Atlantic College. Our youngest students have also been getting fully into the ethos of our schools, some completing their Teen Tech Projects and others working hard on their Unilever Project competition entries.

Eid Mubarak!

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Spring, Week 9

Well done to students for attending during this disrupted week. Although not quite as the usual timetable, it has been a brilliant opportunity to run some additional experiences including a full day where our Year 11 students have been able to have a sample of life in sixth form.

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Spring, Week 8

It has certainly been baltic in the Baltic Triangle this week. Well done to students for making sure they attended during the challenging weather. We have also enjoyed many warm moments, celebrating International Women’s Day 2023, reflecting on the strength and inspirational women – students, staff, and in our communities. We have been able to enjoy a number of brilliant visits this week, including a trip to Disney Land Paris. We have also participated in projects including Teen Tech and a project with our residents, Farm Urban. There are so many exceptional learning opportunities for our young people. There really is no where like it.

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Arabic/ Persian Letter – English Lessons for Parents

Easter Activities Programme Letter

Spring, Week 7

Another week of PPEs. Well done to students in year 11 and 13 for their dedication to these important assessments. Results and feedback will be shared shortly with students to help students improve their grades in time for the final exams in May and June. Well done also goes to our Year 12 student leaders who delivered a fantastic assembly on Ramadan. They explained beautifully how Ramadan is celebrated by our Muslim students. All our students were very engaged and appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this special time of the year.

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Pay Index Info

Spring, Week 6

A very important week in the building as students in Years 11 and 13 face their next round of mock examinations before the summer season. Our students’ conduct in these sessions has been exemplary. Our uniform hub has been available to students this week and use of this service is thriving. We await a delivery of shoes but ‘every day is an interview’ is alive and well in students presentation. We have included a couple of resources with this week’s newsletter. Check out our handy guide to revision for parents and information on how we are supporting young people to secure the jobs of tomorrow.

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Parents Revision Guide


Spring, Week 5

We have reached the end of another busy half term. Although it has been short in terms of weeks, we have packed a lot in. Again this week we have had some fantastic visits, including a Digital Health Conference with key industry figures. We have also hosted our Public Speaking Competition on the theme of Inspired and Inspiring. We were also very lucky to receive a visit from two past students, David Callow who is now at Dyson and Michael Groom who is now at Jacobs to give us an insight into their incredible careers so far. I know I feel inspired daily by the brilliant experiences our students enjoy.

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Spring, Week 4

We have been talking a lot this week about the importance of empathy. Empathy is being able to know how someone else is feeling, even when you aren’t in the same situation. It helps us relate to others and is often the first step in having professional relationships. I would encourage all students to consider how it might feel to walk in the shoes of another. How might your words of behaviours affect others? #BeKind

Well done to Year 11 for their fantastic attendance on Wednesday. It was a lovely day in the building.

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Spring, Week 3

A very busy week with lots of opportunities to visit and explore. Students have travelled to a conference at Atlantic College, others have journeyed to London. Those in the building have also had some incredible experiences including participating in Dementia Friends training, using the Scanning Electron Microscope and participating in Holocaust Memorial Day. Year 13 had a wonderful visit from Shaping Futures to help them to prepare for university life – just in time for the UCAS deadline. We are so impressed with the offers students are now receiving and delighted that the hard work of preparing your statements has paid off. I am so grateful to staff for making these opportunities happen.

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Spring, Week 2

It has been fantastic to see so many parents this week at our Year 11 parents evening. It is always a very productive evening and a great opportunity to take on feedback from staff as students approach these important exams. We are looking forward to meeting with Year 13 parents next week. If you missed your appointment, please get in touch with your year head, Mrs Small

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Spring, Week 1

It has been lovely to have a full week back in the building. This is a very busy period and students are starting to realise the intensity of preparation that is required for GCSE and A Level exams. Students are working hard on completing coursework and ensuring they are in the very strongest position going into their summer exams.

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Autumn, Week 14

t has been a wonderful wintery week in the building, although bitterly cold outside. We have enjoyed a fantastic Christmas Lunch prepared by our catering team. A big thank you to Dion and the catering team for making this such a joyful event. This is our last newsletter of 2022. We wish you all a very happy and healthy winter break and look forward to seeing you in 2023.

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Autumn, Week 13

As PPEs are all done and dusted, this week has been a useful opportunity to check in on standards in the building. A reminder that although it is cold outside, students need to remove their coats in the building. Can we also remind students that they should not be wearing scarves in addition to their uniform. Please double check that your child has a lanyard and student card. This is a very important safeguarding measure and allows us to ensure we have the correct young people in the building. It can also cause significant delays in the school dinner queue, so please do check and ensure your child organises a replacement card if needed from student services.

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Autumn, Week 12

As part of our partnership with LILA, The Studio and UTC have welcomed a group of International Spanish students for one term. Time has gone so quickly! And our exchange students stay has come to an end. Enric, Ari and Agusti have spent over three months immersing themselves in our schools, embracing the challenges that lessons brought and making lots of friends. Experiences that will last them for a lifetime. They have also been a great support for our GCSE students who have enjoyed practicing Spanish with them using their language skills in real life situations. This week they have shared a workshop of Catalan and Flamenco Dancing. It’s been a total pleasure having shared our school with them. Good luck!

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Autumn, Week 11

A very busy week with lots of focus on the mock exams which are taking place. As to be expected, there is also some anxiety around completing exams and the results achieved. This is why they are so important. Mocks (PPEs) provide a useful opportunity for feedback and to build confidence in exam technique. If your student needs support to manage their anxiety, please do reach out to a member of staff. We wish everyone lots of luck for next week and look forward to sharing the results with you.

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Autumn, Week 10

Good luck to all the students preparing for Mock Exams next week. We appreciate that it can feel stressful, but it is worth the investment of time and effort now. If you are struggling with anxiety – or with your mental health in general, please do reach out to a member of staff.

We have had lots of opportunities to consider our work through the eyes of national employer engagement experts this week. Our visit to Smart Factory Expo was a wonderful experience for students and staff. We also had a visit from Baker Dearing Trust to hear about our exceptional opportunities for Health students. It is clear that the opportunities students receive here are some of the best in the UK.

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Autumn, Week 9

So many fantastic opportunities to share with you this week. Students have been out and about enjoying a visit to Falmouth University, a day of working on industry briefs at BIMA, a visit to business partner Unilever where they viewed a demonstration by a former UTC student and the University of Liverpool to compete in a chemistry competition. There can be no doubt that the experiences here change lives. Next week, parents have the opportunity to drop into our online surgeries with Year Heads. This is a chance to ask any questions you might have. Our Sixth Form drop in is focused on UCAS so if you have questions about applying for university, do join us. 

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Autumn, Week 8

Welcome back to what will be another jam-packed half term. We have lots to do before we break for Christmas in December. Year 13 are powering through UCAS applications and receiving exciting university offers. Year 11 and 13 Students are preparing for Mock Exams which will help to determine their predicted grades. Year 12 students are now well settled into their courses and starting to truly understand the pace and expectations of life in sixth form. Our Key Stage 4 students are starting to experience the wonderful opportunities on offer here in the CUC building, including a trip to Unilever today to participate in their Bright Futures Competition. We wish them lots of luck and can’t wait to hear about their project ideas.

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Autumn, Week 7

The speed at which we reach the Autumn Half Term always reminds me just how quickly we get settled into change. Just a few weeks ago over half of our students were brand new to the building, to the staff team and to each other. Now it feels like they are exactly where they belong, settled into routines, getting on with learning and taking full advantage of the many life-changing opportunities on offer to them. It has been wonderful to hear from so many parents about how they have seen such a positive change in their young people over this time.

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Autumn, Week 6

We had an amazing Open Evening last night to welcome new families to have a look around our schools. We had well over 500 people visit us. Thank you so much to all the students who were wonderful ambassadors and showed our guests just how fabulous they are and to staff for being so accommodating. It is always a joy to see the building and the work we do through fresh eyes and remember how very special the opportunities are here.

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Autumn, Week 5

October is certainly bringing the winter vibes and the awful weather is meaning that students are arriving cold and wet. We have breakfast cereal and bagels available for students when they arrive. We would also encourage them to take advantage of the excellent value school canteen lunches. A meal deal is a great way to fill up at lunch with a hot meal for much less than a local takeaway. We have updated lunch timings to ensure our sixth form students can comfortably eat in the building and take advantage of the wonderful food our team prepare.

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Autumn, Week 4

It was lovely to speak to so many parents this week at our Head of Year Drop In Zoom Surgeries. This was a fantastic chance to hear from you and answer any questions. We loved meeting our new families and hearing that your young people are settling well. We were so happy to hear that many of you are starting to feel like you ‘have your child back.’ It is deeply important to us that the lines of communication between school and home are open so please do always reach out if there is something you need us to know, you have a question or an idea for how we might improve things.

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Autumn, Week 3

It has been a very busy week, we have definitely packed five days into four. Opportunities are starting to appear more widely in all sectors as life settles down after the pandemic – which is brilliant news for our CUC6 students who are working hard on personal statements.

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Autumn, Week 2

We are getting into the swing of things and it has been fantastic to run a full week of lessons. There has been lots of enthusiasm and we are pleased that students are settling so well, building new friendships, learning new skills and trying new things. A great start!

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Autumn, Week 1

It has been a very busy first week back. We have loved the opportunity to meet so many new students, and welcome back current students to their new year groups. This week has been a chance to meet new teachers, figure out the weird and wonderful CUC Building, sort out timetables and importantly make new friends. Our new students have done so well. We appreciate there is a lot of new information to take in, and encourage you to ask if you do have any questions.

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