Autumn Newsletter, Week 3

It has been a brilliant week and I continue to be impressed by how lovely our students are. I chat to students every break and lunchtime and they are polite and eager to share their experiences with me. It is fantastic to see such brilliant levels of engagement in learning.

It has also been wonderful to host our pastoral parents evenings and more drop in surgeries. We are so grateful for all the positive feedback and pleased to hear that your teenagers are responding well to the new term. Please do tell your friends!

We are busy booking a number of fantastic trips for students now that restrictions are relaxing. Watch this space…

Notes this week:

  • It is essential that students are wearing their lanyards and Student ID badges at all times. Cards are needed to purchase food in the canteen and Sixth Form students need to swipe in and out of the building. This helps us to know exactly who is in the building at all times in case of fire.
  • If your student is absent, you must let us know on the first day of absence before 9am. You can let us know of an absence by emailing [email protected] or calling 0151 230 1320.
  • Year 12 online pastoral parents evenings will take place on Tuesday 28th and Year 13 online pastoral parents evenings will take place on Wednesday 29th September. Details will be sent by email.
  • Congratulations to Rryan, Kim-Hendrik and Thomas for securing online work experience with ARM, Manchester working on automation. artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Highlights this week:

Women in Engineering Visit: On Thursday, students had the opportunity to attend an employer hosted event at Warrington UTC. Students had the chance to hear from women engineers about their career journey and engineering roles, from all different engineering disciplines. They networked brilliantly and really impressed the employers they spoke to. Excellent work!

Year 9 Laryngoscope Trials: Year 9 helped out a Canadian Health Tech company, Ardroit Intl. this week with a product testing. Students had the opportunity to try using a laryngoscope (The Vie Scope) that has been designed to facilitate healthcare teams in high pressure environments.

Ignite: Ignite have been working on debate skills in English this week and how to justify their arguments. In History we have been looking at the experiences of the poor in Victorian England. Our health students have been working with SimMan to explore the impact of smoking on the body, they have been practicing clinical and medical skills associated with working in a hospital and started work on a module looking at the treatment of cardiac arrests. In enrichment, they have also had the opportunity to complete a basic first aid course.

Year 10: Year 10 have continued with their unseen poetry and descriptive writing lessons in English. In maths we have worked on scatter graphs. In history, we are studying the ways in which the Church helped and hindered the development of medicine in Medieval times. In enrichment, students have had a chance to complete a basic first aid course. Psychologists have been analysing the first key study ‘Murdock’s serial position curve study’ and how it supports the multi store model of memory. Sociologists have attempted their first 12 mark essay discussing the positive functions of the family unit from different perspectives.

Year 11: Year 11 are working on how to structure their essays for Romeo and Juliet in English. Mathematicians have worked on the equation of a circle and simultaneous equations. In sociology, we have been looking into the different causes of crime and deviance in society, focusing on Functionalists, Feminists and Marxist sociologists. Historians are exploring if the Treaty of Versailles was a fair peace settlement for Germany. Psychologists have been looking at the different treatments for depression.


Year 12 & 13 Geography Field Trip: Last week, students visited New Brighton to investigate the beaches and urban spaces. They looked at erosion and other processes acting on the cliffs. They also visited the sea defences and performed environmental surveys, traffic and pedestrian counts to evaluate the quality of the local urban environment.

CUC6: Year 12 Sociologists have been focusing on educational achievement and the different factors that can affect how well an individual does in school. Historians have been examining Tudor England in 1485 and life in Colonial America. Applied scientists have been learning about phase and path difference of waves in physics and applying their knowledge to different situations. They have also been carrying out practical activities involving cooling curves of stearic acid and paraffin wax. In criminology students have been discussing the personal and cultural reasons why crimes go unreported. Further Mathematicians have been tackling loci on an argand diagram. Maths for engineering students have worked on algebraic division and the factor theorem.

CUC6: Year 13 Applied scientists have been learning and solving problems using the ideal gas equation for physics. In contemporary issues they have been learning about media bias and the validity of scientific information. Further Maths students have worked on the Maclaurin Series. Historians have been looking at the American War of Independence and Edward VI’s rule. Sociologists have been analysing the different sociological perspectives on the causes of crime and deviance. Health and social care students have been building clinical skills and experience on a ward. They looked at approaches to assessing a patient this week in preparation for working as a student nurse, completing a NEWS2 chart.

Junior Leadership Team:

This has been an exciting week for the Junior Leaders as we had our first in person meeting of the year on Monday. This was a very productive meeting and we have given feedback to the senior team on the issues students were keen to discuss. We are making plans for Black History Month Assemblies and resources for students. On Wednesday 28th September the JLT will be holding a cake sale at break time to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

NEW Art Club:

Our amazing Creative team are launching a brand new Art Club for students. Workshops will be open to all students from the CUC Building.

Our first session will take place on the 7th October. Come along for some Halloween inspired Light Painting and Print Making.

On the 27th October we will be running a Follow the Gourd workshop with Studio partner FACT. More details coming soon. Look out for the posters around the CUC building for more details.

Click here to view the brochure

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