Summer Newsletter, Week 4

We’re off to a strong start with the exam season and students are showing great commitment to their future selves. It is so important that students continue to arrive punctually to ensure we get each exam started on time. Well done for you efforts so far.

Our younger students are starting to prepare for their exam weeks so they are familiar with the expectations and process ahead of their official exams next year.

Notes this week:

Notes for this week:

Arabic Culture Week – We have celebrated Arabic Culture this week with a range of opportunities and experiences including a beautiful Arabic inspired meal and decorations.

CCF – The cadets are building skills to get ready for summer camp lead by HQ NW Training team on the 2-9 July at Altcar Training Camp. This will include some training at Liverpool College to complete Skill at Arms training and tests to show competency before they put the training into practice at camp. This is the first camp for many cadets and we are so impressed with their great promise and enthusiasm.

Workshops for Parents –

Liverpool YPAS – Parentalk, The Teenage Years – Tue, 24th May 2022 18:00

A snap spot into parent talk the teenage years to look at parent -teen relationships a programme that is offered by Liverpool YPAS

ADHD Foundation – The ADHD Foundation – a strengths-based approach to Neurodiversity – Thu, 26th May 2022 18:00

A workshop sharing information on how we at the ADHD Foundation celebrate & support all Neurodiversity’s – how we can support families, individuals and schools

Once registered you will receive an email with a link to register on the Zoom platform. Please check your emails for this.

Word of the Week – INFLUENCE

Definition: the power to have an effect on people or things.

Usage: My grandmother had a big influence on me.

Student Leadership Team:

Thank you to all our student leaders who have been giving tours of the CUC Building to applicants and their families this week.

A reminder that Leavers Hoodies payments need to be paid and final Year 11 Prom payments of £19 are due this week. This is the final call for Leavers Hoodies as well which are £25 each. Student Services have more letters if you need one. Yearbooks are available for Year 11 and 13 and you will also receive a copy of your child’s photograph. These cost £5 and money to be in by Friday 27th May to Student Services.

Highlights this week:

Baltic Research Institute – This week, students in Year 9 and 12 worked in the labs for a full-day on Wednesday to complete project work and finalise their academic posters for the IRIS summer conference in Edinburgh on 16th June. We are presenting five different posters at the conference including:

  • Plasticivore – the insect-powered plastic digester
  • The Baltic Research Institute – setting up and running a student-led research institute in a school
  • Setting up a veterinary skills facility and programme
  • The Scanning Electron Microscope
  • DNA Origami – Designing and creating DNA nanostructures

The DNA origami group worked all day to construct their DNA nanostructures. This was some serious lab work, with the students accurately pipetting tiny volumes of 2.5 microlitres of 237 separate oligonucleotides from 96 well plates. This took outstanding skill with the micropipettes and great organisation too to make sure they didn’t miss any. These small sections of DNA act as nano-staples that hold together the scaffold DNA into the shape that has been designed, in this case a smiley face!

The posters are looking very professional and we are excited to see the students present these at the conference. We have also been given slots to talk about the Baltic Research Institute and the Scanning Electron Microscope work that students have been involved in this year.

Ignite – In English, Ignite are working on modern remakes of either Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth this week; we have had some fabulous ideas including rivalry between LFC and EFC, postcode wars and LGBT versions. In maths, Ignite are studying coordinates and linear graphs. Extra Science have been continuing to work through their skills course and the topic this week has been the types of equipment used in the laboratory and how these can be represented in scientific diagrams. They worked through an experiment analysing the set up for control factors and discussing how reliability and repeatability can be ensured. In history, students are focused on Kristallnacht and the violence towards Jews in 1930s Germany. In Studio enrichment, we started looking at filming for our review channel and how, why and when to use a green screen. We also looked at different forms of lighting and pacing so we are ready when we set up our review channel in the next few weeks. In Studio PBL, we have started getting into our programme around UN sustainable goals and learning about the goals both around the world and here in Liverpool. The students are really interested in some of these global issues and can’t wait to get started on coming up with their solutions.

In PBL, Year 9 and 10 have been entering one of two competitions this week. They could either choose to enter the AstraZeneca art competition where they had to draw an image of what they think an Astrazeneca employee looks like or the Business of Science Innovation Award where they have to design a science or tech solution to a big global problem.

Year 10 – In English, Year 10 are continuing their study of Romeo and Juliet and have also been incorporating some viewpoint writing into their lessons. In Maths the focus is cumulative frequency and box plots. In psychology, we have been studying case studies in psychology this week learning about pioneering research such as the ‘Little Albert’ case student and Philius Gage. Historians have been working on Elizabethan architecture. Animal Care students have been exploring types of enrichment which can be provided for animals to prevent stress related behaviours. They have been considering the animals species, age and primary senses to determine if examples of enrichment are suitable. Engineers have completed their manufacturing of their laryngoscope blades, and are about to start 3D printing their 2nd prototype variations. #buildtheevolution. In Studio enrichment, students have been looking at how you verify if a claim you make about your product is true. This was on our virtual work experience programme with Unilever. We completed our branding challenge with some great ideas (embrace the dandruff was one, glow in the dark shampoo was another!!) In PBL, Year 10 are also looking at the UN sustainable goals. The focus here is on global rather than local solutions. Some great debates taking place in school about the issues that young people are most interested in and want to take action on. We will be starting our main projects after the half term so expect some great initiatives.

Year 11 – Year 11 have started their GCSE exams this week. They have been brilliant throughout, mature, calm and ready to show what they can do. They have completed their first English exam this week – one down, 3 to go! Team English are incredibly proud of each and every one of them. Psychologists sat their paper 1 exam this week and historians completed their Conflict and Tension paper. Students are sitting their first maths paper on Friday morning. Engineers have completed their course and are using the time to prepare for work on their exams, or produce project portfolios showing all the fantastic work that they have completed in engineering over the last 2 years.

CUC6 Pathways and Projects

Applied Scientists – Year 12 have been busy this week with their Physiology unit and have been exploring the lymphatic system. They have been looking into the causes and treatments of lymphedema and how the corrective treatments for this disorder work to return normal lymphatic functioning. Year 13 are approaching the end of their Physiology unit of work and have spent this week evaluating the treatments for digestive disorders such as celiac disease and IBS. They have explored the anatomy of the lower digestive system and how disorders disrupt the correct functioning of structures such as the small intestines and colon.

Social Scientists – Year 12 psychologists have been studying obedience and learning about Milgram’s very famous electric shock study. Year 13 psychologists have their paper 1 exam next Tuesday and are working hard preparing for this. Their focus this week has been on the Social Influence topic. Year 12 historians are focused on anti semitism in Tsarist Russia. Year 13 are revising the Tudors.

UCAS Launch – Year 12 students have enjoyed the launch of the UCAS process this week. It is time to start planning personal statements and building experiences to make their statement stand out. All the details and deadlines are on the Google Classroom.

Biologists – Year 12 have started to work on their study and revision skills as part of their preparation for the end of year exams, starting on June 27th. We have returned to the very beginning of our course, revisiting the basics of cell biology and mitosis / meiosis.

Engineers – In maths for engineering, year 12 are preparing for their Unit 1 and 4 exams. Year 12 are looking forward to having their new CAM engineering project set for them by Thomas Glenday (chief engineer) & Thisen Bird (project engineer) from Bulgin. The project is so top secret that we have had to sign an NDA and are not allowed to publish photos of the project but it is pretty good! Joe Mooney has had a really good week completing his technical drawings to a very high standard, and being accepted for work experience at Daresbury Labs. Jack Hickey Welsh has also been accepted for an Air Pilots Gliding Scholarship. Year 13 have their final project session today having completed their cam project with Bulgin, and are ready to test their manufactured parts.

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