Newsletter, Week 11

We’ve thought more about the impact of the world around us on our health and how we are feeling this week. Our Junior Leaders have reminded us of the need to be mindful, to build positive routines and to connect in a variety of ways with the people we care about. We have also considered the mental health of young men specifically and committed to talking to each other. It is nice to know our students have such big hearts and care so much about each other. It definitely makes me feel more hopeful for the future.

A few highlights from this week's sessions:

Year 9 Ignite are continuing their study of A Christmas Carol in English and have been using movie clips to support their learning and to generate ideas. Ignite have been introduced to electrical circuits as part of their Physics lessons. In history, they have been learning about the Industrial Revolution. In maths, we have concentrated on rounding.

Aakash Ranijith Menon is this week’s Year 9 Star of the Week. A number of staff have nominated Aakash for his hard work in class, his polite manner, his excellent attitude to learning and contributions in class.

Year 10 are well into their study of the Power and Conflict Cluster in English and are starting to consider inner conflict and the effect that can have. They have been exploring the nervous system in Biology and forces and motion in Physics. The Synergy Science Year 10 group have been studying Density and Gas pressure this week. In History, we have been investigating key individuals who made a difference to Renaissance medicine such as William Harvey and his discovery of the circulation of blood and Ambroise Par​e who invented Prosthetic limbs.

Year 11 psychology students learned about crowd and collective behaviour using examples from the London riots of 2011. Photography students have produced some beautiful, thought provoking work. English students are continuing with Romeo and Juliet and have been carefully considering the way those in positions of power and responsibility behave. History students have sat their assessment on the Treaty of Versailles and we are so impressed with their efforts. They are now starting to look at the League of Nations in the 1920’s. Physicists have been working on the characteristic of resistance. Maths students are focused on trigonometry. Synergy Science have been investigating the Motor Effect by building tiny motors, which takes a high level of manual dexterity and focus. Several students managed to make their motors spin for a second or two, however Salim made a design change which made the motor much more stable and able to spin for thirty seconds or more!

Year 12 psychologists completed their biopsychology topic and sat their end of topic assessment. They learned about endogenous pacemakers and exogenous zeitgebers and their impact on our biological rhythms. Games design students have been working on 3d modelling and texturing tasks, creating assets to go into a 3D Game Engine (Unreal Engine 4). Graphics students have completed their first project which was to design a series of graphics needed to govern a fictional society. Programmers learned about the need for professional websites to have data protection at their core, how we keep data confidential, maintain its integrity and make sure it is available to those that need access to it. Applied Science students have been working on the sliding filament theory to explain how muscles contract and relax. History students are studying Henry VIII and his quest for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon and the build up to the Boston Tea Party in pre revolution America. Biologists have started to consider the different types of variation that exist in animal populations, including humans, and looking at how scientists classify and name organisms using taxonomy and the binomial naming system. Maths students are working on algebraic long division while further maths students are working on inverse matrices. Our maths for engineering students are looking at exponentials this week. Chemists have been looking at enthalpy changes, and how we can use them in everyday applications such as hand warmers and ice packs. Applied Scientists have been investigating displacement reactions and reactions of metals, and how we can link the properties of metals to their everyday uses.

Year 13 chemists have been looking at the origins of colour in transition metals, and how we can exploit this to investigate concentrations. Applied Chemists have been looking at organic reactions, which are key in industry when developing novel drugs. Psychologists enjoyed learning this week about parasocial and virtual relationships. Biologists have been preparing for a Paper 1 mock paper that is coming up next week and looking at synoptic essays on nucleic acids, membranes and enzymes. Maths students are focused on parametric equations. History and criminology students had an interactive session with the University of Law looking at different types of law as a profession and critically examining crime case studies.

Junior Leadership Team

This week our focus has been International Men’s Day and awareness of mental health. This year The Junior Leadership Team has helped to create posters to be put up around the school and shared with Year 12 and 13 students, these slides have been made by JLT members in year 13 each poster focusing on difficulties that men and young men face in modern society and information for them to be able to seek out help if needed. This follows on from last week when we focused on well-being week which was a huge success as we spread awareness around personal wellbeing and thanks to all the positive quotes/experiences with teachers that were sent in students were able to give back and help the teachers feel appreciated. With Christmas just around the corner the JLT will be meeting in the following week in order to plan our Christmas fundraising activities, were the money raised will be used to support the schools wider community over the winter period more details about these activities will be featured in the coming weeks.

Jaemi Aboo, Year 13

Notes for this week:

  • We are keen to remind students that we have lots of support available if they feel like they need to talk at any point, our pastoral teams are always available for them and you. Just reach out.
  • We have brilliant online resources available to support your child outside the classroom. They can access all their lessons for follow up and revision on google classroom and additional science and maths support is available with our tutoring service from Seneca Learning.
  • We had a few questions about Year 10 and 12 parents evenings. Just to reassure you, they are in the diary for January and February. Parents evenings for Year 11 – 30th November (STU) and 1st December (UTC). Year 13 – 9th (STU) and 10th (UTC) December.
  • Year 11 students are reminded that we have a Sixth Form Open Evening on the 3rd December.
  • Drop in online if you have questions – Principal’s virtual surgery on Thursday 26th November from 5 – 6 on zoom.
  • Arabic lessons start next week at both GCSE and A Level. If students are interested in participating, please get in touch with Miss Mallo.

Coronavirus – Mass Testing in Liverpool

We have today had notice that we will become part of the testing programme for Coronavirus from next week in partnership with the NHS and the military.

If the appropriate consent is given by returning the form, students will be tested twice over a period of about 10 days for COVID-19 as part of a national pilot. Anyone who tests positive, using either a lateral flow test or an existing swab test, must self-isolate along with their household immediately in accordance with national guidance.

Further details about the mass testing pilot can be found here:

To be able to participate in this pilot please download and complete the consent form and return it to school. Consent forms will also be printed out and handed out to students on Monday.

Consent form – download here

If you complete a test this weekend and receive a POSITIVE result, please follow the steps below.

Email student services.

[email protected]

In the email include:

  • Student Name
  • Which school they attend – UTC or Studio
  • Date of positive test
  • Do they have symptoms?
  • If they have symptoms – what are they?

This will allow us to track students and staff they have been in contact with.

Please also send an email to [email protected] if your child has been in contact with someone with symptoms as we will need evidence of a negative result before the child can return to the building. Please attach your test results to the email.

Coronavirus Update 

We have a small number of students isolating due to a further confirmed positive case in Year 12. You can keep track of all letters on our websites – select Coronavirus from the Student Centre drop down menu on the left of the page.

It is very important that if your child is showing symptoms that you keep them at home and book a Coronavirus test. If you need support with this, please do get in touch.

If a student is absent, we need you to officially report their absence each day by phone call to Louise Kennett.

Coronavirus Shielding Update – Information from

More evidence has emerged that shows there is a very low risk of children becoming very unwell from COVID-19, even for children with existing health conditions.

Most children originally identified as clinically extremely vulnerable no longer need to follow this advice. Speak to your GP or specialist clinician, if you have not already done so, to understand whether your child should still be classed as clinically extremely vulnerable.

Those children whose doctors have confirmed they are still clinically extremely vulnerable are advised not to attend school while this advice is in place. Your school will make appropriate arrangements for you to be able to continue your education at home.

Children who live with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, but who are not clinically extremely vulnerable themselves, should still attend school.

Best wishes, stay safe,

Jill Davies, Principal