Autumn Newsletter, Week 12

It has been a bitterly cold week, please do encourage your child to wear more than just their blazer for the journey to school. If you need support to buy a winter coat, please do let us know in confidence. We are supporting students in Year 11 and 13 with the pressures of mock exams. We have introduced clinical hypnotherapy sessions to reduce exam anxiety. Please get in touch if your child is struggling. Year 11 students have been participating in assemblies to help them prepare for Sixth Form. This is an an exciting time to consider options and work towards achieving dream destinations. Please reach out if you have questions about their next steps.

Notes this week:


The NHS Vaccinations team will be visiting schools in January to catch up any students who were missed or absent at the first session.

Uptake of the Flu and Covid-19 vaccination across the city is low. Please do help us to keep the community safe by ensuring your child is vaccinated. Sign up here:

Notes for this week:

  • We are all saddened by recent events in the city and know that many students have been affected emotionally. Feelings of sadness, anger and worry are to be expected at this time and we would encourage you to reach out if you need support. You can talk to us in confidence or find additional resources online at
  • If you would like to make a donation to support our StLT collection for families in need this Christmas, please do drop off any parcels at reception, or at student services.
  • Please continue to complete Lateral Flow Covid tests twice per week. If you need more, please collect from student services.
  • RAG reports have gone out this week to students in Ignite, Year 10 and 11. If you have not received a copy by email, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Highlights this week:

Ignite scientists have begun a new topic on food and digestion and have been qualitatively assessing the calorific values of various foods. In maths we have focused on perimeter and area. In English, students have completed their English Language assessment and continued their study of the gothic genre. In history, we are learning about the Suffragettes and their violent methods to fight for equality for women. In UTC PBL, students have been 3D printing their final designs for the Autodesk “future of making” challenge to design and print Festive decorations to take home. They have used knowledge of coordinate geometry covered in Maths to plot their initial sketches before importing splines into Autodesk Fusion 360 and extruding to produce 3D designs. This introduces them to a number of new skills including using industry standard CAD software and using slicing software to prepare their models for 3D printing. In Studio PBL, students are now starting to think about their next project where we will make our own videogames. In enrichment, we finished our board game prototype. Some amazing ideas, and very professional presentations – it was great to see some of our students step forward and present for the first time. In film, students have been planning a short film inspired by Inside Out. They have come up with a new reimagined idea for a narrative and have started storyboarding in small groups.

Year 10 scientists have discovered the differences in how plants and animals grow, and also learnt how to interpret percentile charts in “the red book”. In English, we are continuing to study the power and conflict cluster and in maths we are working on sequences. Historians are focused on Robert Koch and how he identified which microbes caused which diseases therefore leading to the development of numerous vaccines. In Studio enrichment, we have been spray painting and learning about the different styles of graffiti – freehand, stenciling and mixed methods as part of our Go Kart renovations. Not sure we have the future Banksy but we loved it! In PBL, our Drama plays are getting closer and students are responding really well to the challenge. This week we have focused on the scripts, the set design and the actors starting to work on their voice projection, their placement and generally their lines.

CUC6 12 BTEC Applied ScientistsYear 12 have been learning about displacement reactions in chemistry and how electromagnetic radiation is used in communications in physics. Year 13 have studied electrophilic addition reactions of alkenes in chemistry and fluid flow patterns and viscous drag in physics.

Year 11 & 13 Students have completed their first week of PPEs. Timetables are available on the websites in the Student Information menu.

UTC Year 12 PBL – Aspiring medics Our aspiring medics had a combined health/labs session this week where we dissected sheep lungs so that the students could learn more about their anatomy and develop their surgical skills. We then hooked a pair of lungs up to the ventilator and demonstrated how an endotracheal tube is fitted and how positive pressure ventilation is used in clinical settings. This generated a lot of discussion amongst the students and led to us talking about what a collapsed lung is and how it is treated.

Creatives Year 12 and 13 visited the Art Foundation course at Liverpool City College to look at possible post 18 options. We also had a visitor from Falmouth University to speak to students about portfolios and what universities are looking at during the interview process. Yr.12 Games students have taken part in an Industry Challenge from Next Gen Skills Academy. They gathered into 4 teams to compete against 5 other colleges developing low poly model concepts and assets for a low poly game concept about saving humanity, or the planet using spaceships. John Dennis (Games Designer for Worms, Lemmings – Team 17, Lead Designer COD – Activision) provided industrial feedback to help students improve.

Studio EPQYear 12 – Amazing ideas flying about from our students and now the hard work of actually doing the project starts. We watched a video about the importance of flow in your work and getting students to understand that starting is the key or as Nike say ‘just do it’. Although there is still a lot of time and hard work to go, this year’s students are really exciting in the breadth and quality of their initial work. Year 13 students are preparing the reviews of their EPQ’s. Conversations ranging from the philosophy of BTS to how to get emotion into a videogame through to layouts for a children’s illustrated book and lots more. We start our presentations next week and can’t wait to hear students talk through their work.

Baltic Research Institute Update – The advanced manufacturing team finished their 3D printed adapter for a raman spectroscopy device and coordinate grids for 96 well plates and these were delivered to researchers in the Life Sciences department at the University of Liverpool. It is really nice to see these engineering students applying their skills in order to contribute towards ongoing research projects. We look forward to seeing some images of their designs being used and some feedback on how well they work.

Student-made Christmas Cards – Art and Graphics have designed a range of Christmas cards as part of a two-week challenge using a variety of different media. Each day, we were given a themed prompt and material to focus on, and from there created individual and varying designs. Our designs will now be sold and the money will go towards supplies for our creative department. Cards will be A5 in format and printed professionally to be sold for £2.50. If you would like to support us please fill in the form with your card design choice and number of cards, and return to Phil or Stef by Wednesday 15th December 10am.

Student Leadership Team:

This week our Student Leaders have been helping to organise our Christmas appeal to support families in our community who need help over Christmas. We have turned the basement of the CUC into a Santa’s workshop! We are collecting toiletries, gifts for people of all ages and tinned food and goods if anyone would like to bring anything in to support with this. Your donations are very much appreciated and items can be left on reception by parents or Student Services by the students. We are particularly in need of items such as Lynx and socks for teenage boys. Thank you!

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