At the CUC, literacy is an integral part of our teaching.  It is a priority across the curriculum and all staff adopt a uniform approach that enables students to develop their literacy skills and become successful members of adult society.

Our Literacy initiatives focus on 3 primary concepts:

  1. Reading for Betterment
  2. Professional Classroom Talk
  3. Building Vocabulary

Reading for Betterment is a transparent approach that acknowledges that reading isn’t pleasurable for all.  Instead, this approach accepts that reading requires effort and skill and recognizes that we not only read in different ways, but also for different purposes.  If students regard reading as a skill, it will enable them to develop it in a more meaningful way.

Furthermore, the use of professional and academic language within the classroom is encouraged.  The purpose of this is to help our students to become better orators, and goes hand in hand with the development of writing skills.

Finally, the aim of Building Vocabulary is to consider words in different contexts in order to be confident when using them.  Considering such things as pronunciation, etymology and synonyms enables students to fully understand new vocabulary when it is presented to them.

Feedback is also a key component to developing our students’ literacy skills in all subjects; identifying literacy errors, offering suggestions to enhance vocabulary and activities to enable students to become better orators are implemented in all curriculum areas.