Richard Stallman Inspires Tech-Minds of Tomorrow

A world-famous computer programmer, famed for his development of free software, has visited The Studio to deliver an inspiring talk to students.

Dr Richard Stallman, best known as the creator of the GNU/Linux operating system, hosted a seminar on coding and ethical practice at an event co-organised by staff and students.

Dr Stallman was invited to deliver a seminar covering his perspective on computer coding and software, after Year 11 student Adam explained the importance of learning about the Free Software Movement to the Principal, Mr McInerney.

On the evening of 9th December, Adam introduced Dr Stallman to an audience filled with University professors, software developers and students. The content of the talk covered the creation of the GNU/Linux operating system and the importance of the Free Software Movement.

Shaun McInerney, Principal of The Studio, said:

“We actively encourage our students to think independently and to engage with issues that impact on their lives. Studio students identified Richard Stallman as a member of the digital community whose work had made an impression on the computing industry as we know it. We were proud to invite him to Liverpool to meet with key figures from across the city and of course, our staff and students.”

“Listening to Richard offer his perspective on the digital world provided our students with a greater understanding of free software and enabled them learn through participation and engagement.”

“It was a delight to see that the audience present at Richard’s seminar was populated by not only our students, but also academics from across the city and those who work within the digital sector proving what a big draw Richard is”