Principal’s Message

The world is changing faster than the education system can respond. That is why we need new schools like The Studio.

Every organisation that connects with clients, customers or citizens is thinking about how they can use digital technology to support their activities. Manufacturing and engineering firms are increasingly using computer and digital technology to produce better products more efficiently. The Studio will help you prepare for this changing world by giving you new skills and attitudes that are highly valued in these workplaces – collaboration, enterprise, creativity and commercial awareness.

Right here in Liverpool we have a dynamic gaming sector that employs 1800 people and knows that it will face skills shortages unless it nurtures talent. Right now, there are 2900 vacancies within digital enterprises across the UK. The Studio will give you unparalleled access to these vacancies and opportunities to succeed in this dynamic world.

The Studio feels and operates in a different way to a conventional school. There will be a longer school day and closer relationships with this sector and the community. You will develop expertise and broaden your horizons by working with industry partners.

You will be given responsibility for your learning and progress and the support you need to make the very best of the opportunities this new industry offers. At The Studio, you won’t learn how to react to a changing world; you will create a changing world, for the better.

We very much hope you join us and we look forward to supporting your success.


Shaun McInerney