At The Studio you’ll follow a broad curriculum in Year 10 and 11, developing important core knowledge and skills whilst specialising in subjects that will help you find your chosen digital or creative career.

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At Key Stage 4 you’ll study English language, English literature, maths, science. You will choose from a core option of: computing, history, geography or Spanish, plus BTEC IT or BTEC creative media.

Alongside the core curriculum subjects, our students select a range of optional subjects, which give them a good foundation if they want to later specialise in a certain area in sixth form.

Our Studio education is unique, because it includes project-based learning which allows you to develop your own products and skills.

Our subjects have been designed in conjunction with our university and industry partners, to make sure that students get the best possible education options, for the roles of the future. We’ve worked closely with our partners to cover the key skills, experiences and attributes needed in the digital and creative sectors. Our students have everything at their fingertips to make an informed decision about the best route through education for them, playing to their personal strengths and interests.

For more information about The Studio School curriculum, please contact Rupert Evans

Our students are creators, not consumers. Technology is the enabler – it helps us create and achieve things, rather than being the end goal in itself. This empowers them to generate opportunities for themselves within this emerging, exciting sector.


The core curriculum also includes some non-examination subjects: