Studio alum James Murphy is changing the advertising landscape for creatives with his guerrilla advertising company, Event Horizon…

James was one of the first students to ever attend at the Studio when it opened in Liverpool 2013, studying English literature, film and fine art at A Levels. From the Studio, he went on to university in 2017, where he studied English literature and creative writing. Since graduating, James has gone on to be an entrepreneur, transforming the face of the Liverpool creative scene.

Alongside studying for a Masters in documentary making and freelancing for an editing company, James runs Event Horizon, “an interactive platform that allows artists, filmmakers, musicians, game developers and coders to interact and produce creative projects, whilst also gaining free advertising.”

During his time at the Studio, James was able to meet other creatives and develop his own abilities. “The Studio enabled me to constantly hone my skills and let me interact with students who are now my best friends and business partners,” says James. “It allowed me to grow up with coders, artists, filmmakers, game developers and entrepreneurs who I meet with on a daily basis to create new projects and exchange our skills.”

This creative network and James’ artistic skills have been essential assets as he continues to develop Event Horizon and create an exciting new project: “One of our most notable ventures is the virtual gallery that we are now rolling out to the Studio and, soon, other colleagues and universities. This is an interactive space where users can explore our gallery like a game – they listen to music from independent artists, look at students’ artwork on the walls, and when they see one they like, they click it and have it delivered to their home,” says James. “Should any employers like the artwork of any of our artists they are able to commission them. Likewise, musicians can be hired, as well as filmmakers to produce adverts and allows for freelance work to continue during these difficult times.”

James’ main piece of advice for students? “To find the joy in creating something. It doesn’t matter what it is but you must begin something.” Alongside “taking the time to think ‘why not?’ and enter competitions, follow up on possible freelance work, and look into some free advertising. This could be a huge step into entering the industry that you love,” he says.

For those in, or trying to get into, the creative industry, Event Horizon itself may be a lifeline. “These are difficult times for creative people,” says James, “Event Horizon is a completely free service that allows for passive income to be gained, gives you experience in marketing and pricing, whilst also giving you the necessary leg-up into a competitive industry by immediately making you a freelancer… We welcome artists from all backgrounds and want to support local business and artistic development in Liverpool through our business model.” 

To find out more about James’ work, visit the virtual gallery, or to get your work featured in unique festivals, galleries, adverts, films and games, visit