Extreme weather

The Studio is committed to staying open in all circumstances. It is very unlikely that that we will ever have to close and parents and students should assume the school will remain open unless they hear otherwise.

However in the event of severe weather conditions (such as very heavy snow) The Studio considers the safety and wellbeing of its students and staff with the utmost importance and the decision to close the school will be taken.

The Studio will also take account of local and national weather forecasts and may base its decision to close (or remain closed during a prolonged snowy spell) on these.

If there is heavy snowfall overnight the Principal will decide whether it is safe to open the school. We will do everything possible to make our decision by 7.00am.

All students should assume that the school is open as normal in all circumstances but can check this website or ring the main number, 0151 230 1330, if they are in any doubt.

Any planned prolonged closures will be decided as early as possible and be communicated in the same way.

If there is heavy snow during the school day, we will aim to keep students in school until the end of the normal day or until they are picked up. However, if transport disruption requires buses to leave early, a decision will be made as soon as possible and inform parents via the school website.

Students who live in vulnerable geographical areas will be invited to go home at the most timely and appropriate opportunity.

The Studio will not re-open until the site has clear pathways into the building and that major routes to the building can be safely negotiated by students.