Divine Chocolate – Supporting Students in Ghana and Anfield

In May 2022 The Studio students set up a social enterprise selling Divine Chocolate and raised awareness of social enterprises and Fair Trade across the school.

To explain what a social enterprise is, a social enterprise is a business that is trying to change the world for the better. A traditional business would try to just make profit and profit only, whereas a social enterprise aims to make profit but not for personal gain but for the benefit of the business, usually social enterprises will use the profits they have made to reinvest or donate them to create positive social change in some way which is what Divine Chocolate does.

Divine Chocolate is a company that is established by farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, Divine Chocolate is unique in their own way because the company has prioritised its farmers and used only Fair-Trade cocoa. They specifically chose to sell Divine Chocolate because they wanted to support farmers in Ghana to earn a living wage.

The Year 13 students pitched the idea to Jill who invested £147 into helping them buy 180 Divine Chocolate bars to sell.

The students sold 180 chocolate bars at the price of £1 each, resulting in the group collecting a total of £180. Once the loan to Jill was repaid there was £35 left over so they chose to give the profits to Anfield Primary School as they wanted a local member of the community to benefit.  Anfield Primary School had put out some appeals for money or donations as they were setting up allotments in their school as many of the children don’t see greenery due to where they live.

On the 21st June, the money was presented to Anfield Primary School in order to help to fund their allotments for which they were very grateful.

Overall, their social enterprise was a success as it resulted in a £35 profit that was presented to a local school, in order to benefit the children and their school allotments.

The Children from Anfield Primary School stood near the allotments with the donated money