Creative suite gets an upgrade

We’ve just upgraded the equipment in our creative suite to bring it up to speed with the ever-changing digital world and its requirement for more processing power – particularly in terms of graphical power.  

We now have a bank of 32 high spec PCs with the latest Intel i7 chipset for processing power, combined with an nVidia TX 1050 graphics card for graphical power and super fast SSD hard drives. Our three KS5 pathways – Technologist, Analyst and Creative – are designed to support students into the digital roles of the future and these will enable us to prepare our students for work in the cutting edge digital and creative industry. 

Enda Carey, sector skills champion for the Studio says: ‘Our investment in these machines futureproofs the Studio and our current and upcoming students. They combine the latest versions of industry standard software from game platforms like Unity and Unreal, development environments like Visual Studio and graphics packages like the Adobe Creative Suite with the ability to play and learn from the latest cutting-edge games.’