Film Studies GCSE

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WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) in Film Studies

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Why study this course?

The WJEC Eduqas specification in GCSE Film Studies is designed to draw on learners’ enthusiasm for film and introduce them to a wide variety of cinematic experiences through films which have been important in the development of film and film technology. Learners will develop their knowledge of US mainstream film by studying one film from the 1950s and one film from the later 70s and 80s, thus looking at two stages in Hollywood’s development. In addition, they will be studying more recent films – a US independent film as well as films from Europe, including the UK, South Africa and Australia.

What can you expect from this course?

This WJEC Eduqas specification will enable learners to explore films in a coherent way, cumulatively developing their knowledge and understanding of:

  • How films are constructed – through cinematography (camerawork and lighting), mise-en-scène (how sets, locations, props and costume are used in film), editing and sound
  • How films are organised into structures – genre (the different kinds of film) and narrative (how films tell their stories)
  • How films can be used – artistically (the aesthetic qualities of film) and as a way of communicating ideas and issues (representation)
  • How learners make sense of film through exploring a film’s relevant contexts (social, cultural, historical, political and institutional), through an awareness of key aspects of the history of film and through specialist writing on film.

How is it assessed?

70% Exam (2 Papers) 30% Production, non-exam assessment

What can I do after completing this qualification?

This specification is designed to provide a foundation for subsequent study by encouraging learners to explore, through formal study and their own productions, how films are constructed as well as the role the screenplay takes in the film production process. In addition to the knowledge and understanding learners gain from their GCSE study of film, they will also develop a range of literacy, communication, analytical, production, IT and other transferable skills. This will enable them to progress successfully to higher level study, whether that is in Film Studies, other related subjects or work environments.

What will I study?

Component 1: Key Developments in US Film
Component 2: Global Film: Narrative, Representation and Film Style

Additional activities within this subject

Production work is a central part of this specification. Learners will therefore be given the opportunity to create their own film or screenplay through producing genre based extracts. This will enable them to apply all that they have learnt about film to filmmaking or screenwriting as well as provide learners with a fresh, filmmaking perspective on the films studied.

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