AWS Foundation course

Amazon Web Services Cloud Foundation course

Why study this course?

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations is intended for students who seek an overall understanding of cloud  computing concepts, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud  concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support.

Our year 13 students are currently gaining much sought after skills with their access to a range of courses provided by AWS Academy.  Students firstly study the cloud foundations course, which takes around 20 hours to complete.  Students then continue onto the cloud security course as we believe that everyone has a responsibility when it comes to Cyber Security.  Upon completion of the Cyber Security course, students are then able to choose from a range of different courses, such as cloud developing for aspiring programmers, or for those seeking careers in big data, students can opt for the cloud data engineer course, these bespoke courses take around 40 hours to complete and there are a number of knowledge checks and labs that have to be completed to complete the course.

What can you expect from this course?

Given that the students at the studio work with the latest technologies, then it makes lots of sense to ensure that we are offering our students the very latest in industry practices, the access to the courses and the labs has resulted in our external partners commenting, that our students are already upskilling with tools that their colleagues are not yet trained to use in their day to day roles.

How is it assessed?

In person or remote.

What are the entry requirements?

Enrolled in Technical Pathway.

What can I do after completing this course?

Offering AWS Academy to all students on our technologist pathway is providing our students with industry-oriented learning opportunities.  

Enrol into further studies, to seek a career in:
Cloud Engineer
Cloud Security Analyst
Cloud Developer
Cloud Data Engineer
Cloud Architect
Cloud Data Center Technician
Cloud Machine Learning Scientist

What will I study?

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Cloud Economics and Billing
  • AWS Global Infrastructure Overview
  • Cloud Security
  • Networking and Content Delivery
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Automatic Scaling and Monitoring

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