Synergy Science GCSE

Full name of specification

AQA Synergy Science

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Name of textbook if used

GCSE (9-1) Life and Environmental Sciences for Combined Science: Synergy Student Book

Why study this course?

This course organises the learning into topics such as “Explaining change”, with many topics containing Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This is a combined science course, meaning that two GCSE’s are awarded. BTEC Engineering or BTEC Animal Care can be studied alongside this course.

What can you expect from this course?

Taught content, independent work, examination practice, required practical work, other practical work.

How is it assessed?

Two 1 hour 45 minute papers covering ear 10 work and Two 1 hour 45 minute papers covering Year 11 work.

What can I do after completing this qualification?

Grade 5, 5 or above allows access to BTEC courses, Grade 7,7 or above allows access to A level science courses.

What will I study?

4.1 Building blocks
4.2 Transport over larger distances
4.3 Interactions with the environment
4.4 Explaining change
4.5 Building blocks for understanding
4.6 Interactions over small and large distances
4.7 Movement and interactions
4.8 Guiding Spaceship Earth towards a sustainable future
4.9 Key ideas

Additional activities within this subject

Required Practical Work