Contrast Fest

The Studio are proud to have participated in the Contrast Mural fest 2018!

Organised by Zap Graffiti arts, the festival is a citywide celebration of street art in Liverpool.

The Contrast Mural festival ran from the 16-22nd of April, and involved a range of International artists creating legal, public art across the city.

As one of Liverpool’s first digital media and creative focussed schools, The Studio are delighted to be an integral part of the city’s creative culture.

Based in the heart of the Baltic Triangle, The Studio School building features the work of notorious street artists Bonzai and Akse.

Taking centre stage towards the school entrance on the black and grey wall, Bonzai’s piece depicts a Liverpool-specific mural message, spelling out ‘all you need is love’ via a mesmerising smoulder effect.

The opposite side of the building features an iconic mural of the late Prof. Stephen Hawking – in tribute and celebration of the world famous scientist’s feats.

You can see the finished products by heading to (
However, new pieces are popping up around the area frequently, so why not check them out for yourself by popping over to our building on Greenland Street during one of our open evenings?

The artist Bonzai, is currently working on a large commission in China. You can catch up with what all the contributing artists are up to by following them, and Contrast Fest, on Instagram: