Year 9 Admissions Consultation

There are significant educational advantages for students starting earlier and this has been demonstrated in the progress of our gifted and talented Year 9 cohort and from other UTCs and Studio Schools around the country:

  • Students arriving into Year 10 at The Studio have five terms before their GCSE exams and an additional three terms with us will mean that they are better prepared for this important phase of their education.
  • It will allow them to sample specialist areas which are new to them before choosing option subjects in Year 10.
  • Students will have time to settle into The Studio and teachers will have longer to assess their starting points and ensure a consistency of academic subject coverage before starting GCSE content.
  • They will also be introduced earlier to the workplace skills and careers opportunities which mean that they are better informed and more focused when it comes to post-16 career routes.

Further details on the proposal and the proposed admissions policy are available to download below.

Read the proposed Admissions Policy [LINK]

Read letter to Parents/ Carers and Stakeholders [LINK]