Build My Future Festival 2017

Build My Future Festival is a dynamic two-day careers event that takes place in the heart of one of Liverpool’s most creative districts. On the 16th and 17th of November, Northern Schools Trust host an enthralling programme of presentations and interactive seminars to their cross-trust cohort of Year 12 students.

This unique programme provides students with access to life-changing opportunities via motivational group conferences and separate sessions tailored to their pathways and professional curiosities. Now in its third year, Build My Future spans across 10 carefully selected locations within the Baltic Triangle – a renowned hub for some of the city’s most influential businesses.

Establishing itself as the go-to event for careers guidance in the Northwest, Build My Future Festival is transforming the landscape of traditional careers support. With the help of external partners and academics, this is the only two-day programme of its kind in the UK, providing Liverpool’s young people with unrivalled professional insight & the chance to explore their future career options proactively.

Encouraging and inspiring students to take their first steps toward landing the job of their dreams is the goal, and the team behind Build My Future work to empower young people to take ownership of their futures with resounding success.