Studio alumnus Dan Matern is using his skills to literally make his mark on the world as a tattoo artist specialising in realism and neo-traditional work.

At the Studio, Dan studied creative media and graphics, helping get started on the path to his career: “learning skills and techniques, such as drawing processes and utilising digital software, were the key fundamentals that gave me the foundation I needed,” says Dan. “In the tattoo industry, using Photoshop effectively is one of the most important skills when it comes to creating a design for clients; it allows you to adapt images to different customers’ tastes.” 

His studies helped him gain a wide knowledge of his chosen industry, too, and develop his work and his art into something truly individual. “In graphics, for example, the process of researching different successful artists and taking inspiration from their work is important; it allows you to develop your own style and enhance your work,” he says. 

Now a professional tattoo artist in his own right, Dan has some advice for those looking to follow the same career path. “The advice I would give to students that desire to become a professional tattooer is that you must do your research. Finding a reputable studio is vital and rare… you must know it is something you are invested in as the apprentice stage is a challenging and long process.”

Dan’s time at the Studio allowed him to nurture his talent and build a true passion for art which has carried him through the “brutal” years as an apprentice to make his career in the field which he truly loves. It’s a field in which he says “you’ll only be successful if you are implicitly invested in art and you know its something you want to do for the rest of your life!”

Through his creative media and graphics studies at the Studio, Dan’s found a creative career for life. “It’s an amazing experience when you finally get there and surround yourself with aspirational people. Once you are booked up and creating pieces that you love, it is one of the best jobs you can find in the creative industry,” says Dan. 

Dan’s advice for anyone thinking of what they want to do next is “you must do your research into the industry you desire to work in. Find out as much as you can and whether you have the skills you need in order to succeed. As long as you are dedicated, disciplined, and strive to be the best, you will have a bright and prosperous future!”