The Studio Showcase 2016

We recently held our annual Studio Showcase; an exhibition showcasing the talented work of our students in game & app design, art, graphics photography and film.

As well as parents of the students, The Studio Showcase was attended by a number of high profile partners from the Digital Sector. Lucid Games, Red Ninja Studios, Sentric Music and Citrus Suite were just a few of the partners in attendance, all interested in viewing the excellent work produced by our students.


Unique artwork was a feature throughout The Showcase, with students exhibiting their brilliant work to guests, some of which can be viewed below:

Mental Health Films

Mental Health was the topic for a number of the students PBL projects. Students produced a selection of short films, aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues in society. These short films were showcased to guests in the cinema.

Two of the films showcased at the event, Dave and Empty, can be viewed below:


A deeper insight into depression, anxiety and loneliness in young men. The film highlights the use of technology to address key issues;

  • A desaturated world conveys how the character feels secluded.
  • The film depicts the raw emotions and inner beauty of the characters personality through colour and sound.
  • A key message is conveyed to talk about how you feel and that people want to help.


The film addresses the question, ‘What it is like to feel empty, void of anything?’. Being alone can cause a sensation of de-realization, in which life and time can be distorted. The film causes the audience to feel as if they are the character, and experience life how the character experiences it. Being alone can lead to issues such as depression, distorted time and feeling as if you are in a void. The film gives an abstract view of how being alone can cause someone to feel trapped in their own home and all thoughts can be intensified.