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13 May '15

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BBC School Report Insiders

My name is Andrew, I am 14 years old and studying at The Studio in Liverpool. I am currently in Year 10 and moved here from my old school in September 2014. I am have been working on a BBC News project … Read More

12 Mar '15

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Smartphone Addiction

How long do you spend a day on your phone? A study by the University of Derby found the average user to spend 3.6 hours on their phone, and that 13% of participants were addicted.

Some researchers are suggesting that … Read More

10 Mar '15

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Internet ASBOs – Will they work?

It has been suggested that people using social media to consistently spread racial hatred should be given “internet ASBOs”, blocking them from the sites they use to spread this hatred. However is this possible?

The Crown Prosecution Service has been … Read More

16 Feb '15

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Missing principal of the adventure genre

Adventure games are one of the pioneering genres of the gaming industry. Simply the idea of a player exploring a world and having the freedom to do what they want within it is an interesting one and … Read More

06 Feb '15

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Top 5 Rhythm Games

As much as I love action games and role-playing games, I often find that rhythm games can be a great choice of genre to unwind by listening to music whilst playing a game. Some require quite a … Read More

29 Jan '15

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Artificial Intelligence; Could It Kill Us?

Microsoft’s Research Chief says no, although he has expressed that he believes artificial intelligence will be able to achieve consciousness.

Last December Professor Stephen Hawking told us that he believes that the creation of such machines could “spell an end … Read More

27 Jan '15

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Inside The Studio – Steven Talks Year 10

My name is Steven, I am 15 years old and studying at The Studio in Liverpool. I am currently in Year 10 and moved here from my old school in September 2014. I have found that the … Read More

19 Jan '15

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Hatred; Destructive Creativity?

Every now and again in the gaming community, something happens that sets the entire population ablaze with an appropriately felt rage, something that causes the often silent voices of the common game lover to roar with disapproval, something that rears … Read More

08 Jan '15

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Awesome Games Done Quick: Speedrunning for Charity

Every year, Speed Demos Archive hold an event known as AGDQ; Awesome Games Done Quick. This event takes place early every January, with the upcoming AGDQ taking place from the 4th to the 10th of January. At … Read More

21 Dec '14

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Robotic Christmas Deliveries

In the near future, Santa may be replaced with robots. Just don’t tell the children..

One way that this could happen involves Christmas deliveries made by self-driving cars. Can you imagine that? Optimus Prime parking outside your house on Christmas … Read More