18th November 2016

Charlie talks us through his new game, Cables


So, Charlie, tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, my name’s Charlie Curran-Jones and I was part of the original cohort at The Studio when it opened back in 2012. I’m currently in Year 13 and am studying Double Creative Media and Graphics.

You’ve developed a game, right?

Yes, the game is called Cables. I’ve worked on developing it with my colleague Patrick Cauty, we’re developers at an indie games studio called Shelf.

We’ve been working together on this project for four months, we’re both delighted with the initial game.

Where did the idea for this game come from?

Well, me and a friend were looking around on the App Store for some inspiration. We downloaded this really basic game where we had to flip burgers onto buns. The concept was so simple, but we were addicted.

We decided that keeping the game simple was key to it becoming addictive. It just so happened that at the time we were sat in the Mac suite where there are an abundance of cables and wires, so I guess that’s where the initial idea came from.

What skills or practices have you learned from your time at The Studio that have helped you develop this game?

When working on developing games at The Studio I’ve always followed the concept of flow, which is the idea that the game you are developing should naturally flow.

I almost see it as a sort of zen environment where when you are playing the game, nothing else around you matters. If you can achieve this environment your game will become addictive.

I’ve played the game and it’s definitely addictive!


What’re your plans for taking the game forward?

We’re looking to add more features to the game, milestones and the likes.

Once we’re happy we should be good to launch late 2016.

Sounds exciting! If you had one bit of advice for students in the earlier years at The Studio, what would it be?

Take the initiative, make sure you go with your own ideas as you will always get the support from the staff at The Studio!