22nd August 2016

UV Games Summer Placement

Last week, a group of sixth form students began a summer placement at UV Games, Liverpool.

Working closely with the team at UV students will complete a number of projects, one of which is a large art task focused on finalising the terrain for one of UV’s latest games, whilst the other involves students working on a VR version of an upcoming game.


After a busy first week students quickly settled into life at UV. Joe has been learning a new software package called Substance Painter and has been using it to texture in-game characters. Holly has been creating concept art around drones and humanoid characters. Whilst Michael has been extremely busy looking at a VR level, where he has used a PlayStation eye camera and a PSMove controller to move around in a virtual space.

The opportunity became available through The Studio Internships programme, which offers students at The Studio the chance to work with businesses from a number of different fields to develop skills and forge vital relationships with key figures in the industry.