22nd June 2016

Titan Project

A group of our Year 10 students have recently been working on the Titan Project, a task which challenged them to develop an app or game to help people stay safe online.

Police 1

Whilst completing the task, students were asked to consider a number of factors. Firstly, the theme of the product, what does it aim to achieve? Will it provide information on strengthening social media settings? Will it help boost user’s password security? Will it help prevent online identity theft?

Customer audience being the second focus, students were asked to identify who their target audience would be? In 1995, less than 1% of the world had an internet connection. Last year it was around 40%. Students had to identify a segment of this vast market to target their product towards. A number of students looked at a younger target audience, such as teenagers and young adults. Whilst others focused on the older generation, such as their parents and pensioners.

A key consideration for all students was competition. Students spent a considerable amount of time researching the market, discovering what products already exist? Then identifying gaps in the market that they could fill. Get Safe Online, Cyber Streetwise and Childnet were some of the organisations students discovered.

Moving onto the products themselves, students began to explore different platforms and operating systems to base their product on. Looking at their target audience and where the product is likely to be used, they decided upon which operating system would be most relevant to them.

Students produced a host of different products, from apps to games, quizzes to reference guides, all of which were brilliantly developed.

Police 2

After an overall evaluation and test of effectiveness, it was now time for students to showcase their products. We invited the Cyber Crime team from Merseyside Police into The Studio, to view and discuss our student’s different products.

Police 34

Our guests were very impressed with the level of research, creativeness and detail that had gone into the students’ work. They sensed that students had grasped the importance of remaining safe online and their products reflect this.