9th May 2016

Exam Revision Tips


We understand that revising for upcoming exams may be stressful. This blog should give you some tips and ideas on how best to revise, and how to remain calm and focused in preparation for your exams!

1) Create a Revision Timetable – creating a timetable not only allows you to plan when you want to revise for certain subjects, but it allows you to plan regular breaks (which we’ll look at next) and enables you to manage your time more efficiently.

2) Regular Breaks – revision, revision, revision isn’t always the answer. Working to a timetable and allowing time for regular breaks is proven to engage your brain and boosting exam performance.

3) Study with Friends – Revision doesn’t always need to be a lone exercise. Meeting with friends or organising study groups allows you to collaborate on your revision. You can cover certain subjects collectively, as well as bounce ideas off each other during these sessions.

4) Use a variety of Materials – Studying doesn’t always need to come in the form of reading from a text book. There are a variety of materials available to help you cover various topics; video, podcasts and apps. Utilise them!

5) Practice Papers are Key – prior to sitting the exam try to complete practice papers. These are an excellent way to test your knowledge, as well as get a feel for how the exam paper will look on the big day.

6) Day of Your Exam – the day of your exam may feel extremely stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, leaving ten minutes earlier and ensuring you’ve got the right equipment (pens, pencils, calculators, water) will go a long way towards easing your anxiety before sitting the exam!

All in all, our advice would be to find what works best with you and go with it!

The full Exam Timetable can be accessed on our website.

Best of luck!