25th April 2016

Liverpool Biennial Visits The Studio

We welcomed Polly Brannan from Liverpool Biennial into The Studio last week. Polly joined a group of our Year 10 students in the Cinema, where she gave them a bit of background about the exciting work she does with Liverpool Biennial.

We were also joined by British artist, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd. Marvin gave students an insight into her style of work. She discussed certain influences that help her produce a variety of art; performance, sculpture, painting, installation and video.

After break, both students and guests worked together in the Dancehall, to begin to produce artwork of their own.

First up, students took inspiration from physical objects and began to produce pencil drawings. Afterwards, they used these physical objects again, to create play-dough sculptures – some of which were quite impressive (see below).


Following on after lunch, Marvin gave students an insight into set design and how to be creative using different materials. Using what was provided, students were then tasked with making certain parts of a set themselves.

All in all, students thoroughly enjoyed Polly and Marvin’s workshops throughout the day. They are also very excited to be working on the project with Liverpool Biennial!