January 2015 - The Studio Blog

29 Jan '15

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Artificial Intelligence; Could It Kill Us?

Microsoft’s Research Chief says no, although he has expressed that he believes artificial intelligence will be able to achieve consciousness.

Last December Professor Stephen Hawking told us that he believes that the creation of such machines could “spell an end … Read More

27 Jan '15

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Inside The Studio – Steven Talks Year 10

My name is Steven, I am 15 years old and studying at The Studio in Liverpool. I am currently in Year 10 and moved here from my old school in September 2014. I have found that the … Read More

21 Jan '15

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Creative England Announce Citrus Suite as Future Leader

Great news this week for our partners at Citrus Suite, as they have been identified as one of 10 Future Leaders by Creative England. The list contains some of the best creative talent in England and is a testament to the … Read More

19 Jan '15

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Hatred; Destructive Creativity?

Every now and again in the gaming community, something happens that sets the entire population ablaze with an appropriately felt rage, something that causes the often silent voices of the common game lover to roar with disapproval, something that rears … Read More

08 Jan '15

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Awesome Games Done Quick: Speedrunning for Charity

Every year, Speed Demos Archive hold an event known as AGDQ; Awesome Games Done Quick. This event takes place early every January, with the upcoming AGDQ taking place from the 4th to the 10th of January. At … Read More