November 2014 - The Studio Blog

26 Nov '14

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Super Smash Bros.: Five Top Tips to Improve

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS released back in early October and I’ve been playing a lot of it with some friends. Being able to bring the game anywhere with me is an … Read More

20 Nov '14

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Hope+ Food Bank Collection

The Studio has teamed up with Liverpool Life Sciences to collect donations from students and staff for the Hope+ Food Bank project.

Hope+ has been running for 18 months and provided their 12000th food hamper this month. It is the work … Read More

19 Nov '14

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5 Creepy or Bad Game Endings

Bad endings. The ultimate way to tell the player that they’ve messed up somewhere along the way; that they’ve made the wrong choice somewhere. Sometimes, the choice you must make to get the bad ending is obvious, … Read More

13 Nov '14

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Tech News: Will.I.Am Smartwatch recently released his own Smartwatch, which does not need to be linked to a smartphone to work. Instead the watch acts as its own smartphone. Yes that’s right, this watch makes calls as well as tells the time.

This … Read More

12 Nov '14

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Tech News: Microsoft Band

Can the Microsoft smartwatch make you a better human being?

The new Microsoft Band promises to “know you better than yourself” and will “help you become a better human” according to Microsoft themselves.

So what makes this different to other … Read More

11 Nov '14

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Top 10 Smartphones

Thinking about taking the plunge and buying a new smartphone? If the answer is yes, then this guide will help you to find your perfect handset!

10) Samsung Galaxy Alpha

A brand new phone with newly designed metal casing. … Read More

05 Nov '14

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Review – Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Title: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Release Date: 27th February 2014 Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: PopCap Games

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is primarily a multi-player … Read More

04 Nov '14

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Video Game Sexism

In recent years, video games have been subject to a lot of controversy, ranging from suggestions that they cause violent outbursts in people who play them, to a more recent debate about whether they are sexist and cause misogynistic feelings … Read More